Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tanner Ross || 12 months

12 months.
not a clue how we've gotten here. and how a whole year has passed since our sweet baby boy entered this world. last year at this time I was completely consumed & in hibernation with my sweet little 8lb 2oz newborn. soaking in every bit of him and trying my hardest to be in the moment, cause it all goes too fast
and now i've got this big 26lb 3oz one year old baby who's on the verge of looking full blown toddler.
he's still the sweetest darn thing.
and has doubled the joy in our family over these last twelve months.

the last of these monthly pictures and I had to include the man behind the arms this time :)
he's done good holding this big boy out every month! 
age: 12 months

26lbs 3oz  --  32.6 inches

birth: 8lbs 2oz  --  21 inches
2 days: 7lbs 11oz
12 days: 9lbs 1oz
1 month: 12lbs 4oz  --  23 1/2 inches
2 months: 15lbs  --  24 inches
3 months: 17.4 lbs  --  (from the scale at home)
4 months: 18lbs 13oz  --  27 inches
5 months:  20.4 lbs  --  (from the scale at home)
6 months: 21lbs 2oz  --  28 inches
7 months: 22.8 lbs  --  (from the scale at home)
8 months: 23 lbs  --  (from the scale at home)
9 months: 23 lbs 15 oz  --  30.2 inches
10 months: 25lbs 2oz
11 months: 26lbs  --  (from the scale at home)

clothes: 18 month
diapers: size 4

Tanner name sign // Quincyjeanart
banner // hooray everyday
tanner loves to eat. have yet to find a food that he completely rejects.
he gives big 'ol open mouth kisses which melt my heart each and every time. 
he has a contagious giggle that fills the room with joy.
babbles + babbles all day long.
has one solid word. mama :)
understands almost everything we say to him.
is his sister's little tagalong.
has started walking, but is still preferring to crawl.
already pushes the limits on things he knows he's not suppose to do.
is growing way too fast. and yet at the same time, growing at just the right pace. cause each and every phase and month just gets better and I know without a doubt in my mind that it will only continue.
you're more precious to me than you'll ever know my sweet boy. and oh I just can't WAIT to see what fun you will be in these months ahead!
mama loves you!!


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Harper MonaƩ || THREE YEARS

this right here. 
our harper girl.
captured just perfectly.
her being her.

oh my sweet harper girl. 
the joy and blessing you have been over these past three years. it's indescribable. just as I sit here and try to soak every little ounce of you in through these precious pictures, goosebumps + chills flood over my body. my eyes well up and I can't help but smile.
you girl, are something special. God's light is shining right through you and into this world. I want to freeze time and hold every bit of you close and dear to my heart for always. 
to see how you've grown into your own little self over this past year fills my heart ever so much. 
I never want these days to pass, yet I am so excited for all the years to come. you have such a bright future, my girl. I pray everyday for you. your pure joy brings joy to all around you.
as I sit here the tears are flowing and you are running around the house dancing + singing in your sweet voice. girl, please always be you and never change.
your smile. your personality. your sweetness. your love for your family + friends. your sass. your role as a sister. your singing + dancing. your giving + caring spirit.
I love you, baby girl.
love, mama
My sweet girl, I love you more than words can ever say! I can't believe you're 3 years old.  It seems like just yesterday when we brought you home for the first time. You've grown into such an amazing little bundle of joy & with a little spit fire when you need it :)
You will always have my heart Harper.  I'm so excited to see the great things God has in store for your life.  Please always draw near to Him.  I'm so grateful to be your Daddy!
Happy 3rd Birthday Harper!
Love, Daddy

happy 3rd birthday baby girl!
we love you!!


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