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Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Fun List

we made a list like this at chistmas time and it was so fun to have for when we knew we wanted to do something, but our minds went blank. I can go from thinking about all these fun things I want to do, but then when we have the time to do the fun things I can't think of what it was we wanted to do! #mombrain
sooo having a list like this makes me put those thoughts/ideas down on paper on the computer ;) and then it's visual for me. and that makes allll the difference.
so here it is...

some of these harper came up with and some I added too :)

--play in toy car in the backyard
--play in backyard swim pool (like the little mini plastic one) ;)
--watch a movie-- harper ;)
--go to country club swim pool + order lunch
--smell the flowers
--go to the zoo
--go to target-- again harper ;)
--blow bubbles/play with bubble machine
--go to the farmer's market
--lots of bbq's with friends in family
--fly a kite
--go to a rainier's baseball game
--run through the backyard sprinkler
--eat lots of watermelon and otterpops
--buy ice cream from the ice cream truck

so here we go! ready to check all these items off our list! & I'm so happy that we've already been able to do a handful of them!

we're ready to jump full swing into summer!!
(come on washington-- let's keep it coming!)

what is on your summer bucket list!?? share some with us so we can add to ours!
I'm planning to pack this summer full and enjoy every last bit of it.


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Thursday, June 1, 2017

tanner's first SWING!

first park trip of the summer and it was so so fun!!
I started this blog all cause I wanted a place to document our lives and the memories we make.
this post has to happen because baby's fist swing is one of my absolute favorites.
I remember harper's first time swinging like it was yesterday, and I've ben anxiously awaiting the time we would take tanner!
we did it yesterday after we made a run to the cutest little cupcake shop downtown (hello cupcake), and it made for just the most perfect afternoon with me and my babes.
tanner can sometimes be a little unsure about newness.. so I wasn't quite sure if he would take a liking to swinging right away during his first time... but the boy LOVED it!!!

the biggest open mouth smile. seriously THE BEST!

look at this! same frog! tanner at 10 months and this was harper at 12 months :)
so excited for the memories to be made in these summer months ahead!


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