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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tanner Ross || 18 months

baby boy! you're not-so baby anymore!
18 months feels so big.
and your personality is just so big right along with your age.
you are growing, shining, exploring, learning, loving, and laughing. all bigger than ever.
we love our tanner boy and kiss your squishy cheeks around the clock.
weight: 28lbs 15oz (95th percentile)
(birth: 8lbs 2 oz)

height: 36.25 inches (>97th percentile - like wayyy greater haha!)
(birth: 21 inches)

you were commented to being "the most cooperative 18 month old i've ever seen" at your check up :)
you've got two mamas in this house :) as your sister cares for you and refers to you as "my baby". and what's even sweeter, is that a majority of the time you go right along with it. as if you know it's your big sis' job to care for her baby boy.
holding your hand to walk you to where you need to be. oiling your feet & putting your socks on before bed. singing to you and rocking before you go down for sleep. kissing you on the head. and the list goes on, and on. she does it all.
now there's no question you don't always go along with it. there are certainly times where your independence is strong and you're sure you can do it by.your.self.
and that you do.

your independence is bigger than ever. just as we'd expect out of our one and a half year-old :)
feed yourself. sit yourself at the dinner table. unwrap your snacks yourself. put chapstick on by yourself. climb up to the kitchen counter on your stool by yourself. teeth brushing- all you boy.
you are confident in your skills. and I love that about you.
you are also the most responsible little one i've ever met.
cleaning is your thing! so much so that two of your most recent gifts have been a broom/mop/dusting set and a vacuum! all of the "uh-ohhhh" that comes out of your mouth if there's any sort of mess or crumb on the kitchen floor. you point right at it and cannot let it go until it is cleaned up. along with the cleaning, comes shutting cupboard doors, fixing the rug, and putting things back in their place where they belong.
you fit right in in this house and mama and daddy are so proud ;)
this boy eats! as much as (and sometimes more than) his older sister. who is also a good eater herself!
with some exceptions of course, this boy honestly eats nearly everything we put on his plate. if he's hungry, he eats it. and he eats all the foods we eat as a family.
I would do a favorite foods/least favorite foods list... but I wouldn't have much to go on the 'not as liked" list. but just a 'favorites' will do :)

tanner's favorite foods: raspberries, ham + turkey deli meat, scrambled eggs, spaghetti, cucumber, apples, cheddar cheese, wheat thins, oatmeal, raisins, strawberries, steamed broccoli, mama's homemade caramels, goldfish, popcorn, bacon, bananas, pineapple
recently, as i'm writing this... it's been the absolute best ever, also accompanied by the worst night ever! and when I say worst ever, I have to hold myself from speaking too much cause we have been blessed with a great sleeper over here. though one absolutely random night about a week or so ago- - tanner was up all the live long night. down at 8pm, woke at 11pm, and not back to sleep again until 5:30am(!!)
brandon & I were losing our minds in the night. we tried EVERYTHING.
we've never had that bad of a night with either child, EVER. not even in the newborn days.
but am I ever thankful it was just one fluke night.
his 'regular' is to go to bed by 8pm, and wakes about 7:30am. sleeping all night through.
and it's been that way for months.
as of late, the last few weeks have looked like this:
bed by 8pm, sleep allll night long, wake around 9:30-10:30am.
a mother's dream right there.
I know he's going through a growth spurt, and it seems his two year molars and trying to make their way here and there. so he has been WIPED!
all of this is accompanied by an afternoon nap from 1-4pm.
(even when he sleeps til 10:30 in the morning!)
I was looking back on harper's post of when she was about this age and she did a very similar sleeping pattern. so interesting to see those similarities.

this last week we have had some struggle with him going to sleep at night where he just does not want to go to bed. it seems he would rather be awake and be with us. but with work (and it has much improved the last few nights. thankfully!) he eventually tires himself out and gives up :)
we've noticed its more so when he didn't get to see daddy much that day cause he calls "da-da, da-da" over and over from his room.

this boy is just running along to keep up with his big sister!
so he is literally into anything and everything. and I've actually started to see a little bit of imaginative play which is so cute. making car + airplane noises is my favorite that he does :)
nonstop until the moment it's naptime.
favorite movie - - MOANA.
turn moana on, and this boy is straight hooked!
:: first hair cut
:: first play in the snow
:: first walking holiday season

16-18 MONTH  P H O T O  D U M P!
happy 18 months sweet boy!
we love you and your calm spirit.
you are so loved, loved, loved!!

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Tanner Ross || 15 months

ah my TANNER boy!!
goodness gracious how we love you.

we've already had a whole 15 months with you and somehow it feels like you were born just yesterday, and yet as though you've been apart of our little family for always and forever.

you are so dear to us all and have the absolute sweetest little spirit. you've surely got some fire in ya when you get worked up/upset about something (daddy says one day you'll use that on the football field) we shall see!! ;) but along with that you are also the happiest. so calm. love your family. the best cuddle giver. so easy going, just like your daddy.
your dad and I have talked how we just LOVE this stage you're in. this 'toddler boy, looking cute as can be, running around to always explore' stage. it's my favorite. and you somehow keep getting better & better the more you grow.
I love watching you as you become yourself and your personality shows through more and more.

we go in for your 15 month check up in about a week and half and I can't WAIT to see how you've grown and just how much you tip that scale :)
you little stinker, you! we love you so!!
a little bittersweet to me, but we are all finished with nursing. we stopped around 14.5 months. we were slowly slowing down, and were down to 1-2 times nursing a day (first thing in the morning and/or before bed), then the flu bug hit our house. initially we thought tanner had made it through without it, but the day after harper was done, tanner got hit with it. and with that his appetite was slim to nothing... and i was nervous of milk making his tummy upset... so with that it seemed to be the right time to be done.

this boy eats, and he eats, and he EATS! he's such a big eater and always has been.

i don't even want to think about what he's gonna be like ten years from now! having good eating children is something I am so thankful for yet, I also make sure to follow their cues and trust them on when they decide they're finished. no force feeding!
with my background in nutrition, I've learned how important it is to not overfeed children. as mom it's my job to decide what they are eating, where they are eating, and when they are eating. and it's their job to decide how much. it is also so soooo important to limit distractions during meal times. in our house when we eat the tv is off and toys are not to be played with.
meal time is about meal time.  :)
((obviously we are human and there are exceptions to this too))
ok, off my soapbox now!
sleep is top notch right now. and thank heavens for that.

NAPS:: 10:30/11-12:30/1  &   3:30/4-5:30/6
that's been typical and usual, but isn't always quite that structured depending on what we have going that day. BUT we're getting to where that second nap is getting a bit too late for bedtime to still happen on time. so I think we're actually gonna start trying to transition to one nap more seriously and see how that goes.

BED:: 8:00pm-7:30am
no wake ups in there either, hallelujah!!
((for most always at least))

I have found though (and it was the same with harper at this age), the better he sleeps in the day for his naps, the better he sleeps at night. recently there were a couple afternoons where tanner wasn't able to get his late afternoon nap in and both of those nights he woke. it didn't take much to get him back go sleep, but still a mama would rather it didn't happen! ;)

so with that.... I REALLY strive to make sure naps happen. cause we are ALL much happier that way ;) and Lord know he needs it and I need it.
not a whole lot to say here, cause it's just plain + simple.. this boy LOVES.TO.PLAY.
I mean what 15 month old doesn't, BUT gosh he's into everything and has become quite the little friend and companion to his big sister.
it's non stop on the go every second he's awake.
favorite 'toys': the broom, mop, & duster. my spoons & spatulas. books. the stack of dvds in the tv stand. cars. balls. the play kitchen. the computer keyboard. dad's golf clubs.
13-15 month P H O T O   D U M P

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