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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Cannon Beach, OR || summer 2017

family getaways are getting better and better as our family grows and as we return back to the same places. the memories we make, and getting to repeat our destination makes for an extra special little place in our hearts. 
we went to Cannon Beach, OR for the first time as a family of THREE last year when I was pregnant with tanner. and to have gone back the following summer and tanner is actually there with us.. just warms my heart.
this trip was a last minute thing, but it was all just as fun had it been something we had planned for months. we knew we wanted to make the 3ish hour drive there again this summer, but we didn't anticipated it'd be in the plans only two days before going!
because of that (and it being the busiest weekend EVER-- labor day weekend!) we just barely found lodging. we stayed two nights, and each night was in a different room :) I think we literally got the last available rooms in the whole town.
we were honestly fine with it, because all that mattered was that we were THERE!
and harper actually got soooo excited with each room and exploring it. like the second we walked in the door, her three year old energy just EXPLODED!
honest to goodness, there is nothing more special to me than spending time with my little family. all four of us.
as much work that there is to come along with traveling with a one year old and three year old.. it is absolutely worth it.
these two do so well. we make sure our days are flexible with little to no big plans. if a nap needs to happen, we just spend a little time going for a drive. which brandon and I actually LOVE doing. it kinda becomes like a little bit of date haha! quiet time, just him + i :)
we took this same picture, in the same spot last summer.
last year's picture HERE!
we would've included tanner here, but he had fallen asleep in the stroller :)
salt water TAFFY!!
sunsets over the ocean are spectacular!
and pictures just never do them enough justice.
harper every time she found something she liked... "take a quick picture of me like this!"
the afternoon spent at the beach-- definitely everyone's most favorite part of the weekend!
both kiddos we in heaven.
tanner jumped right to playing in the sand as if it's a thing he's done a hundred times. pure boy ;)
and harper. poor girl, I forgot to pack her swimsuit along!! #MOMFAIL
she still had a great attitude about it though and thankfully it didn't ruin the moment. cause those moms of three year olds... you know how something like that can just ruin a moment, right?? ;)
this ocean water on the pacific northwest coast is anything but warm. SO COLD!
but harper could care less.
if we would've let her, she would have been out there swimming in it.
in her makeshift swimsuit and all ;)
we had pizza for dinner both nights and we would've had it again for a third if we'd stayed longer :)
it was that good.
CLEARLY tanner boy agrees with me on that! ;)
ice cream three times in the two and half days we were there.
birthday cake with sprinkles was harper's go-to. in a cone. of course.
until next summer cannon beach!!
I can't wait to see what changes come in the next year for our family and how much these littles grow and learn.
our next family getaway will be planned for Suncadia just before christmas. I'm already looking forward to it. it'll be our THIRD year making that trip.
--last christmas, suncadia HERE--
--and the photo every hour post of that trip HERE--


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Thursday, May 18, 2017

hawaii || family vacay 2017

we've been back for a whole week and a half already! it's taken us all (especially the babes) quite some time to adjust back to our normal life. the vacation was 100% worth it, but boy (!!) being out of our norm for 8+ days has taken a toll on us this past week. and we've been thrown right back in full force with a teething tanner. the nights have had included some rough times!
but this boy is so stinking sweet.
when he's not screaming about teething pain in the middle of the night that is ;)
anywho... HAWAII!!!
a little vacation recap/big 'ol photo dump!
because how can I not. I never want to forget all the memories we made.
vacationing/traveling with little kids is not always easy. it's A LOT of work. but we would do it 100 times again just for all the memories we made together and the quality family time we had that we don't always get with the busyness at home.

we rented a little two bedroom condo right by the beach that walked out to the pool. it was perfect for what we needed. with two babes who take naps, having a ground level condo was HUGE. we were able to be out at the pool while they napped without having to be cooped up inside for 3+ hours each day. harper still is referring to it as our "hawaii home" I so wish she were right and it actually was!
we were so nervous to take on the 5+ hour flight with a 2.5 year old and 9 month old. leading up to the trip I got thinking, "are we crazy!?" I was prepared to be up and about with an antsy baby + busy toddler the entire flight. but that was NOT the case. like at all!!
the flights were smooth sailing. thank you, Jesus!!
(I may do a post of travel tips that worked for us.. as a few friends have asked!)
#1 tip though. take grandma with you! haha. but really. my mom came along with us and it helped SOOOO much! from the traveling to even little things like making snacks and getting kids dressed.
our days were relaxed with not much more on the agenda than walks along the ocean, pool time, naps, a couple trips to the beach, and a little sight seeing.
this was brandon and I's second time in hawaii (we went last year for the first time for our babymoon while I was pregnant with tanner). both times we've visited Kauai. it's the only island we've been to thus far and we just love it! the island is small, relaxed, and low key. I'm sure you can't go wrong with any of the islands, but as of now, Kauai has our hearts!
♡♡♡♡♡ was something extra special about his hawaiian naps ♡♡♡♡♡♡
the boy napped HARD!
it was such a joy watching harper have the time of her life the whole week. she just loved it all! every single bit of it. vacationing without kids is great in it's own way, but there's something so special about sharing it with your kids too!! every little thing was so exciting for her. tanner being just 9 months had so much fun too. pool time, chasing after chickens, and exploring every where we went :)
this trip was just we needed to get us though this stinking spring weather we've been having! it rejuvenated us all!
we already can't wait for our next visit to kauai. we had just the best time and are going to try so, so hard to make family vacations be something we do.
homeward bound babes. they were so ready for it by the last day. vacation is AMAZING but there's also no place like home :)
P H O T O  D U M P!!
(along with a few captions-- for memory's sake)
straight from her mouth... "this is cool!"
how I just love her!
nothing hotter than daddy spending time with his babies. 
maybe that's why I want about nine more ;)
...and there's those chickens I've mentioned! literally EVERYWHERE on the island!
if you're even in Kauai--- one of our top recommendations--- get a puka dog!
a polish dog, sweet fruit relish, and a grilled bun. I can't explain how yummy it was. but we went back for a second one :)
the hawaiian sunsets!! of course the picture doesn't do it justice.
baby boy LOVES the water!!
sooo many gorgeous views! we stayed on the south side of the island which is more dry, but one morning headed up to visit the north shore which is more rainforest and it was so pretty!
car nursing session, before catching a nap on our drive back. though he was completely woken when we transferred him to his carseat. just the worst!!
there are two gorgeous waterfalls that happen to be pictured j u s t right behind harper's head! haha!
tanner missed out while he snoozed in the car and we took turns getting out to see :)
she was more interested in throwing food (sticks) over the side of the wall to a little mouse :)
we were buying a WHITE pineapple (if you're ever in hawaii- buy one! best pineapple ever! worth the $19 it cost. so much money for a pineapple, but sooo good!!)... this guy selling them at the market called out to harper and gave her this adorable mini pineapple. so sweet of him! and she just loved it! carried it around the rest of the evening :)
excited beyond words to go to the beach!
baby boy's first ever beach nap.
it was perfect for a whole 30 minutes until the wind blew over the umbrrella.
my heart could've just burst with how adorable she was just plopping herself down in the sand with her toys to play. she could've just sat there the whole time and been totally satisfied with the beach. THEN we introduced her to the ocean waves and girl was in heaven! I was so shocked that she built up the courage to go in and that she loved it so much! she's more brave than her mama ;)
just kill me with the cuteness.
LOVE my mama and the time we got to spend together.
another reason to have grandma come along on vacation-- we got a DATE NIGHT in!!!
love this man. he means the world to me.
and he ain't bad lookin' either!
beach nap #2 for the win!
she coud've stayed out in the ocean waves allll day long if she could
...him not so much ;)
enjoyed it more from a distance
first ever shaved ice! and she actually got TWO that afternoon!
you're only in hawaii once right?? ;)
saying goodbye to the condo!
--mama you're the best! thank you for sharing the week with us!--
best little nine month old traveling trooper there ever was.

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