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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


We had such a great Thanksgiving with family, friends, and all the delicious food you could imagine! Just what Thanksgiving should be.
We started the weekend with a 13.5 hour (normally 12 hour) road trip to Pocatello, ID. Ugh!
This time of year is not in our favor when driving. Although I LOVE the snow, traveling in it is
a bit unpleasant. But we made it safe and sound!
We had a fun few days seeing our loved ones who we miss so much. 
As you can see, Harper and little miss Sutton (who is shockingly a month older than Harper) were the cutest being reunited!
It still amazes me that my best friend, Brittney :) and I had our baby girls just one month apart!
A lunch date with Rachel and baby Alice to our favorite spot was a must!
Though we froze our buns off (no joke - it was 20 degrees out), it was so fun taking Harper to the Christmas lights parade downtown!

This little is a trooper and did such a good job traveling long distance in the car!!
We now have the Christmas decorations out and the tree is up. We are ready for the best time of the year!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Thanksgiving week!
It's here and it came so so fast! (kinda like I expected).
We've had a busy last week with celebrating Brandon's 31st birthday (nearly all weekend long - of course!), Christmas card pictures with the fabulous Candice, and then hosting Friendsgiving at our house. So much. But yet so fun!
A few pictures from the last week :)

31 balloons with 31 reasons we love him.
Birthday dinner at The Hub with just the three of us.
We had a family birthday dinner the night before at our favorite restaurant, The Table.
One of the two tables for Friendsgiving :)
And here we are, just t w o days away from Thanksgiving!
We are so excited for the great food, family/friend time, and a little bit of relaxation. But first {tomorrow}, we will be making our 12 hour drive to Pocatello, Idaho! Wish us luck for a long day of traveling with a 16 month old. She has always done great traveling before (she's been on many road trips/flights), but she is of course more active than ever and we are praying she will stay entertained! Once we arrive all will be good :) Pocatello shows snow in the forecast and I am so so excited for it! That's one of the things I miss most about home, snowy winters! There is nothing more magical and breathtaking than the city covered in perfect white snow.

Thanksgiving throwback to last year with our little {4 month old} Harper :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!