Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Welcome to this world Baby Tanner

he is here. he is so here!
we are over the moon happy and have a new, sweet baby boy who fits into our family just as perfect as can be.
so many emotions resurface as I think back to the day when we welcomed him into this world.
it was perfect. in every way.
Brandon, Harper, and I couldn't be more in love.

we are blessed with SUCH a good baby. I mean crying/fussing is rare.
we hear some fussing out of him only when he feels those wipes on his warm bum during a diaper change, or if I don't get to him quick enough when he's ready to nurse. and boy does he love to nurse!
but really, so far these first two weeks, that has been the extent of his crying.
we are completely in love with his calm spirit and just how content he is.
he is the perfect addition to our family and we feel so blessed to now be a family of four!
it's been filled with lots of baby Tanner loves, kisses galore, smelling his little head to soak up that newborn smell, and big sister has fallen quite in love with him :) talk about making a mama's heart just burst.

over the last couple of weeks clearly the blog has been on the back burner. my time has been spent soaking up these initial moments and focusing everything on resting, nursing, and loving on my sweet family.
so without any more delay (and because even though he is now a whole 13 days old (!!) this post still has to happen) :)

...welcome to this world...

Tanner Ross Hjelseth
July 13, 2016
3:19 pm
8 pounds 2 ounces
21 inches long
I'm working on our birth story, but soon enough I will share our experience of what it was like as we worked to get our sweet little man here.

we all love you so, so much baby Tanner and know that you are the perfect fit to our now family of four :)

here are some weight stats since birth:
birth - 8lbs 2oz
day 2 - 7lbs 11oz
day 12 - 9lbs 1oz

photography by Linenko Photography


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Monday, July 11, 2016

Harper's 2nd | pink lemonade party

and she's two!! (well almost!) ;)
in leu of her little brother- who is due on the 15th, we decided to have Harper's birthday party the weekend before her actual birthday. 
this sweet, spunky, sassy, little one still has a couple more days of being one. 
come Wednesday she will officially be a two year old and my heart will be completely broken! 
ok- not true. 
she is at such a fun age right now and I just love love love, how she is growing and learning. 
though it certainly does get me all sorts of emotional (thanks a lot pregnancy hormones) ;) seeing my baby no longer have an once of baby in her. she's about to graduate to her big sis role and how perfect it is to be able to celebrate her, and only her, just before that change comes.
this was such a fun party to plan. fairly simple with a pink lemonade theme. 
pink + yellow + lots of lemons!
it was perfect for our girl, because she LOVES herself some lemons!
no joke.
she will eat a lemon wedge like it's nothing. 
so what better summer birthday party for her than one full of lemons!
T W O birthday candles in the cake this year!
and how shy she got when we all began to sing to her. she knew allll the attention was on her and wasn't sure what to do with it. 
it was the cutest thing :)
in just two short days this girl will officially be TWO!! 
we love her with all that we have and are so looking forward to celebrating her again on Wednesday.
it's birthday week for her!


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Friday, July 8, 2016

39 weeks

I almost grabbed the '38' for the banner for this week's picture. and then it hit me... nope! we're at 3-9!! just one week's time makes such a difference at this point in pregnancy. technically it's just another week passing, but at this point, one weeks is soooo much more! 
I mean, it's possible this could be the last bump picture. although I'm feeling quite sure that it won't be ;) 
before we were about to snap this picture, Brandon said "only two more". so he's thinking this one, and then next week at 40 will be the last. I'm not quite sure... I wouldn't be surprised if we were able to get ourselves a picture at 41 weeks! 
would not be surprised one bit.

we had an appointment with my midwife yesterday. and well, there really isn't a lot to report.
still pregnant. and it looks like I will most likely be making it to my appointment next week as well.
How far along? 39 weeks
Total weight gain: 41 pounds
Maternity clothes? well of course. and due to this horrible weather we've been having lately (it seems more like October than July...) I wore my maternity jeans for the first time in awhile. I thought I was looonggg done with them.
Sleep: napping nearly every day. once Harper goes down for her nap, it's like my energy level just tanks. I've been taking advantage of her sleeping and getting myself a little nap in too. and not feeling an ounce bad about it, because here soon sleep will be a lot less than it is now! to the newborn world we will go :)
Best moment this week: the 4th of July for sure! we didn't have any big plans, but hung out with great friends, enjoyed great food, and watched some great fireworks. even though it's her second 4th of July, this was Harper's first time seeing the fireworks. after a little bit of warming up to them in the late afternoon, by the time it was dark and the real show was happening, she didn't have any fear of the loud booms. she still, four days later, has been talking about the "fie-wooks" :)
Current symptoms: just those that go along with being 39 weeks pregnant. uncomfortableness.
Miss anything? I'm really missing being able to have Harper sit on my lap in the rocking chair before bed reading books. with a belly this big, there isn't any space left for her to sit. baby brother is taking up allll the room! but Brandon has been completely taking over this duty and it's actually so sweet to watch them sit and read together :) warms my pregnant mama heart!
Labor signs? no. no. and no.
Looking forward to: Harper's second birthday party on Saturday!! HOW is our baby just days away from turning t w o??! her days of being the 'baby' are limited now and soon she will be a big sister girl! we are so excited to celebrate her and I can't wait to see what she thinks of her party :) then, (as long as baby boy is still comfy in my tummy) mommy + daddy will celebrate her again on her 'real' birthday on the 13th :)
and there we have it. week 39 is here!
bags are packed. car seat is in the car. and we're ready to roll once he decides to give us the green light.
I'm sure you will be hearing from me again in another 7 days! but I won't be complaining if you don't ;)


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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

38 weeks

There's just something about being at this point of 38 weeks- that makes it all so.much.more.real. as if I haven't known since October we'd be having another little babe join our family.. mentally it has taken time to become so real.
and the 'real' part of all this is that labor and delivery are near and WILL be happening anytime now. (though I don't expect it for another couple of weeks- at least). 
now watch- he's going to come early ;)
but with all that the 'real' part means mentally it's time I get myself there. for me- with natural childbirth- it's about a lot of reminders. 
each contraction is doing work to get me closer and closer. 
through all the hard work it's going to end with having my baby on my chest. 
don't fight the contractions- let them do their thing. 
God made my body to do this. 
women have been birthing babies since the beginning of time- I can do it too. 

How far along? 38 weeks
Total weight gain: 39 pounds
Maternity clothes? wearing the same 5 things- the only things that fit- day after day :) but hey! we're almost there and what I'm wearing is actually the least of my concerns these days
Sleep: love it and hate it. I want to just sleep, sleep, sleep. finding a comfortable position at night is not the easiest though! my snoogle pillow definitely helps, but there isn't anything that makes it great. some nights I would like to just sleep on the couch! I've been having Brandon massage my calves before going to bed and it really does make such a difference in helping me to relax and fall asleep. such a good husband! :)
Best moment this week: Brandon and I had a date night. just us. it was so great to get some quality time in together just the two of us. we don't have it in us anymore to stay out too late though! come 9pm we were both ready to hit the sack! we also have the nursery 100% completed and it feels.so.good!
Miss anything? I've been trying to spend more quality time with Harper, but I wish it were a bit easier to move! getting up and down on her level is certainly not the easiest and I miss being able to run around and play with ease. there isn't anything quick (or pretty) about me trying to get to my feet from sitting on the floor.
Movement: it's the best! I always wish I could see through my belly to see exactly what it is that I'm feeling when he moves. foot? knee? arm? elbow?
Food cravings: notta. cereal has been my go-to because it's quick, easy, and is a way for me to at least eat something. I believe we have nearly ten boxes in our house right now. never, ever have we had this much cereal!
Labor signs? nope!
Looking forward to: Harper's 2nd birthday party is on Saturday! we are so excited to celebrate our sweet girl and make it her day. I'm so excited to see her excitement at her party :) baby boy just needs to make sure he stays put until a f t e r Saturday! then he's more than welcome to come any day after. even if he's two days early on Harper's actual birthday (the 13th). what a birthday gift that would be for her!

it's been a slow process, but I finally did all the shopping and made some freezer meals this week. I have a few more to finish up this week. I'll be feeling like I'm on top of the world once I have them all finished!

we had a great 4th last night and hope you did too!
it's one of the best holidays! relaxing and having fun with family + friends, little responsibility, bbqing, laying in the grass on blankets, and watching the sky light up. nothing like it :)


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