Friday, March 10, 2017

OUR TABLE || trader joe's

I know I'm SO far behind the game when it comes to trader joe's.
like everyone and their dog seem to know all about the wonderfullness they have to offer and all the right things to buy and look for. except me. well with the exception of cookie butter. which is ah-maze-ing. but that's all I've known to equate trader joes to!
I've always been a fred meyer + costco gal and that's where we've done (and still do) all our major grocery shopping. and of course the couple things we pick up at target when we're there. 
I've never felt a need to shop at 'specialty' grocery stores when the others meet all our needs in what we're looking for. however, I have a few friends who shop trader joe's and I'm always intrigued at what they buy. so I gave it a whirl and have some good finds! (half of which were recommended by friends) :)  I'd still say they're 'extra' things that we don't really need, but it's fun to try new things and find new options.

here are a handful of things that I'd call a 'win' at trader joe's!
*disclaimer: my dietitian self is not proud of a single one of these items. BUT. I AM HUMAN, TOO ;)
pictures help, so there's your visual!

mini croissants // take out the night before to let rise, bake in the morning. 
turkey corn dogs // for the times when i'm just 'stuck' on what to feed my toddler/feeling lazy about it
mini ice cream cones // a small little after-dinner sweet treat
cookie butter // enough said
cookie butter cookies // well if you like cookie butter, what are you waiting for. these are double the good!
refrigerated pizza dough // for making "homemade" pizza, this dough was so good. made for a super quick + easy dinner too

--I have also been very impressed with their produce! this time of year there's just not much you can do about good, fresh produce. the strawberries this winter have been so horrible! their's however have been the best we've had in awhile.

let me know what it is you love from trader joe's so I can add it to my list for next time! I love finding new things, so please share!


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  1. I love those ice creams. I haven't tried the cookie butter yet, but everyone raves about it!

  2. I love trader joes! I just went today! We get the orange chicken and I'm obsessed with their flowers and meringue cookies!

  3. There's not a Trader Joe's in my area, but I've heard awesome things!

  4. Trader Joes is a fun place to shop! There's always something I didn't see the last time....those cookies....yummm :)

  5. We have a Trader Joe's in town but I've never been! I need some of that cookie butter though. . . .

  6. I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to Trader Joe's. The closest one is about 45 minutes away so that's not really close enough for me to just "swing by". I have had their cookie butter though and it's pretty good!

  7. Cookie butter! Yes! I have some in my cabinet right now, lol. All of these seem like excellent choices to me!