Friday, April 29, 2016

29 weeks

goodness gracious here we are. 29 weeks!
only 11 (ish) weeks left!
it's a week now into the third trimester with this sweet baby boy. it's like the minute I woke and entered this last trimester of pregnancy last week, my body just knew it. achy feet + tiredness just hoped onto a new level. just like that.
any sort of bending over, or picking up Harper, or shaving my legs is not a pretty sight! this big belly is right there taking up all the roomy space it desires. but baby brother is using his space in my tum-tum really well and enjoying the roominess from older sis Harper stretching it out for him 2 years ago :)
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How far along? 29 weeks
Total weight gain: 28 pounds
Maternity clothes? my favorite thing to wear lately is either my maternity jeans or shorts (depending on this WA weather...) and then a long tank or t-shirt. my maternity jeans are nearly just as comfortable as my sweat pants so it makes for a win win. I feel comfortable bending down 50+ times a day with the toddler, and yet I still look (relatively) presentable for when I have to go out in public :) I really feel the extra body heat from carrying this little one, so no matter what the weather is out, I tend to be more comfortable with a thin, short sleeve top that breathes well.
Sleep: napping. napping. napping. still nearly every day. when I do get that afternoon nap in, I notice such a difference in the evening. I actually have some energy left in me from the day to get through dinner, clean up, bath + bedtime. and then it's straight to the couch to relax with the hubby.
Best moment this week: feeling little one's hiccups! I started feeling them last week, but have been noticing it more often now. with all the movements being bigger than ever, it's such a great feeling to feel baby brother. and if I could really have it my way, I would just sit around all day watching Ellen, eating my strawberry + almond butter toast, while feeling my sweet boy. but like that will ever happen. but a girl can dream ;)
Current symptoms: not really too much I can complain about- just the onset of more uncomfortableness. but hey, that's to be expected. I have been having some calf cramps. and goodness gracious those are no joke! I pop some Ca+Mg tablets a couple times a day (as told to by my midwife) ;) since the babe is starting to pull it from my body. it does make a difference in helping with those dreaded charley horses for sure!
Food cravings: just give me my strawberry + almond butter toast! two times. every. day. 
Looking forward to: the nursery is making progress! we have the crib, dresser, bedding, and a few decorations to go up on the wall. we also just moved the rocking chair out of Harper's bedroom and into the baby's. honestly, it broke my heart a bit! feeling like we're having to make Harper grow up even quicker due to prepping for little brother's arrival. I have such torn emotions of wanting to cherish every day I have with just Harper and the overjoy of excitement for baby brother to get here. but oh I know Harper is just going to look like she's ten years old when we have a newborn in the house!
I got curious on doing the ol' comparison of baby bump pictures... I easily ran across a picture from pregnancy with Harper at 26 weeks. so here's a comparison of just a few weeks ago to then.
whoa belly!!
both are 26 weeks, but look q u i t e different!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

28 weeks

the days have f l o w n by quicker than normal lately and I had to have Brandon quick snap a picture for 28 weeks before it passes us by! 
we had such a busy week/weekend and one of the best parts was finding out whether Tyler + Angela are due with a baby boy or baby girl in Septemeber... 
...and it's a B O Y!!
these little cousins are going to have so much fun growing up together!

oh baby brother, I can't wait for you to be here and fill these little things. 
we are getting close. two thirds of the way there!
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How far along? 28 weeks + 4 days
Total weight gain: 28 pounds
Maternity clothes? yep! 
Stretch marks? still just the oldies from pregnancy with Harper :) but I know there is still plenty of time for that to change! 
Sleep: sleep is too good. I could stay in bed all day if there weren't house chores and a toddler calling my name. I'm waking 1-2 times in the night to run quick to the potty, but I am right back to sleep once my head hits the pillow.
Best moment this week: many of them! finding out the gender of Tyler + Angela's little babe! felling little babe's hiccups for the first time :) it's one of my absolute favorite things of pregnancy. and then there's the part of the week where I got a new car! (gmc yukon denali- picture to come!) we're really prepping for this baby ;) I just love it and I love picturing our growing family piled on in. 
Current symptoms: in the afternoons I'm really feeling that third trimester tiredness. most days I try to nap while Harper is down for her nap, but that doesn't always happen. getting my weight off of my feet feels so good to help with the aching that hits by afternoon.
Movement: oh yes!
Food cravings: as of last week I started eating whole wheat toast + almond butter + sliced strawberries for breakfast and it is heavenly! I've eaten it nearly every day since and often I eat it twice a day :) I could call it a craving but I don't foresee it stopping once the baby is born. Angela had told me about this breakfast combo (but with peanut butter) a couple of years ago, but I never believed just how good it could be! any nut butter would be delicious on it!
Gender? BOY!!
Labor signs? no- thank goodness!
Looking forward to: our Hawaii getaway in just a little over two weeks!! bring on the babymoon!

Just how sweet is big sis in this picture!?? :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2nd trimester favorites

how. how. and another h o w!!?
we're at the last week of my second trimester and I know as cliche as it sounds... time has just flown by! I felt that my pregnancy with Harper went by quickly, but that's nothing compared to this one. I'm sure taking care of chasing a busy toddler around all day has something to do with it ;) all while getting things ready for this new little bundle to join our family!
with the second trimester's end rolling around, thought I'd share a handful of my favorite things from the last several weeks.
1. hydro flask water bottle - I received this as a Christmas gift and hadn't actually used it until recently. I am in love with it! with trying to keep up on my fluid intake throughout the day, I keep water with me all day long. this water bottle is insulated and keeps my water cold for hours on end.
2. honest co. belly balm - well. stretch marks. we all have this dilemma, and know that it really comes down to genetics. but if there's something that can be done in hopes of reducing them, I'll do it. although I do already have them on my hips from the first pregnancy. embrace it :) I also love this essential oils product too!
3. palmer's cocoa butter - again for stretch mark assistance :) but my skin has also been dry all over and this lotion has been so so moisturizing. and the smell! yum!
4. honest co whole-food based prenatal - so easy on my stomach and it doesn't have that strong smell that some prenatals can have. I've been very happy with these!
5. ooh la lift - this stuff is so great! those no make up days where I would still like to care for the bags under my eyes... (which I never really understood until joining motherhood!) this gives me a quick little eye lift ;)
6. full panel maternity jeans - these are heaven sent! I don't know what it is as a pregnant girl, but I put off buying maternity jeans for wayyy too long! I so wish I would've started wearing maternity pants sooner. my pregnant self is so comfortable in them! and these ones here are so cute!
7. snoogle body pillow - if my husband would be ok with it, I would use this for sleeping even after pregnancy! it takes up half of our bed, but when I'm pregnant, it is so great for finding comfortable sleeping positions. it is so worth it!!
8. chewy with a crunch kind bar - recently ran across these and love them as a good snack for when we're running out the door. I love that they aren't too crunchy and crumby. great ingredients and a yummy on-the-go snack when needed. which is often!

so there ya have it. 
I use most all these products every day and I'm certain that will continue on into the third trimester (plus some!). 
second trimeter bliss is about to end, and I'm sure more and more days of uncomfortableness are in my future. but so be it :) baby brother will be here in 3 months and I'm sure it too is going to fly by!


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Friday, April 15, 2016

27 weeks

this Washington weather just can't decide what it wants to do! it was sun sun sun last week, and now we've had days full of cloud + rain. yuck! BUT it looks like the sun will be returning and I just.cant.wait. 
we just love being able to enjoy our days outside and then eating dinner out on the back deck is one of my absolute favorites. this year Harper is old enough (& walking) to where she can play in the backyard while dinner is being prepped :) there isn't anything better! 
to think we will be adding little baby brother to this mix in just a few short months- ahh! get's me all giddy inside to think what this summer is going to be like with him here :)
oh and his nursery furniture came! yahoo!!
it was delievred 10 days earlier than we expected. I was completely shocked. that never happens with deliveries! especially the ones you are highly anticipating :)
tank / gap
How far along? 27 weeks
Total weight gain: 25 pounds
Maternity clothes? I need to start looking into some maternity tops, because my options from my closet are running slim! 
Best moment this week: appointment with my midwife, Susan for sure! you know how I love going in for these checkups! :) baby boy sounds great and is growing well. we're actually measuring to be about a week ahead, but Susan believes that's due to him being long ;) that's what ya get with a 6'6" daddy!
Worst moment this week: last week I had my glucose tolerance screen- which I passed (yay!). but the downside is we found out that I'm hypoglycemic. so my blood sugars can really drop down on the low end. which makes me feel real yuck if I don't eat to keep my blood sugars up. Brandon and I have always joked that I get hangry (hungry + angry). well apparently there's a reason for it- low blood sugars! and that's likely what the sickness in the night has been related to. however, I've found that if I make sure I have a snack right before bed, that makes a huge difference! which makes total sense. we also found out that I'm anemic with low, low iron. hello- reason for the tiredness! and in comes the iron supplement. so... with all that I'm having to really make an effort to focus on myself and my nutrition (good thing I have that RD behind my name) ;)
Current symptoms: t i r e d feet at the end of the day! I'm really feeling this extra weight. I vacuumed the house and mopped the hardwoods yesterday and after that, my feet were aching with any weight that I put on them. that might be the last time I clean the house in awhile ;)
Movement: I really feel him all throughout the day and I can't help but try to imagine what he looks like in there moving around in my belly. those little arms and legs are active!
Happy or moody most of the time: I felt like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday morning, but getting out of the house for a couple errands made all the difference.
Looking forward to: the sunshine that is suppose to be coming our way this weekend!!

*oh and as you see I'm sure, I changed up the background on the blog page.
goodbye pink and hello white! it feels so much more fresh to me :)


Friday, April 8, 2016

26 weeks

I've worn red white and blue more than once this week, but this weather's gotten me all happy inside and wishing it were July- where every day is a sunny day!
I forgot I had the sunglasses on when I had Brandon snap this picture quick (he disagrees with me when I say 'quick' for a picture) :)
We were just about to head out to the backyard to soak in the rays and eat some lunch. Hello 80 degrees!!
How far along? 26 weeks
Total weight gain: 24 pounds
Maternity clothes? bottoms- yes. tops- no. but tops that are longer and stretchy of course :) I just went and bought myself a pair of maternity shorts now that it has been so warm outside. In the hot afternoon I've just been dying wearing jeans.
Stretch marks? nothing new here. so far! fingers crossed new ones won't come. but then again if they do, then they do.
Sleep: love it!
Best moment this week: my mama was here visiting so we had a fun few days spent with her :)
Worst moment this week: saying goodbye when my mom had to leave. the pregnancy hormones really do not help, but I'm generally a big teary mess at the airport!
Current symptoms: umm... I can't think of much. at least not much that I would consider much of a 'symptom'. I've noticed I'm a little congested again, but that's no fuss. my feet do get tired by the end of the day for sure! withe these nice days, we've been out doing more so I'm on my feet nearly the entire day.
Miss anything? right now, nope!
Movement: oh yes! I love how movements keep getting stronger. I sometimes wish I could peek into my belly to see him when he's moving around.
Food cravings: well... do I call it cravings or more 'I'm pregnant so I give myself a little more room for splurging' :) those macadamia clusters from costco... let's say I should not have bought them!
Looking forward to: I have a midwife checkup on Monday, so I'm certainly looking forward to that and hearing little baby's heartbeat!

These baby cousins don't know how great they're going to have it.
Growing up only 2 months apart!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

OUR TABLE || banana bread

banana bread. everyone has made it right?! well I hadn't e v e r made a loaf until just recently!
being that I am not a lover of bananas anyway, bread made with bananas certainly didn't sound like something I would ever want to make. so needless to say (since Brandon loves bananas), if they don't get eaten quick enough- they're an unappetizing brown color, and over time in our household many bananas have gone in the trash! 
but that all has changed now :)

there were a few brown bananas sitting on our counter a few weeks ago, so I decided to give it a whirl. and if I ended up not liking it, Brandon and Harper could enjoy all the bread they wanted!
while I was looking through recipes, I ran across one with a picture that showed an icing over the bread.
I was sold.

I settled on this recipe and followed it. for the most part :)
I have a delicious family zucchini recipe that I've made hundreds of times so decided to combine the two recipes a little.
bread ingredients:
5-6 ripe bananas
2/3 cup melted butter
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 tsp vanilla
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp allspice
3 cups flour

icing ingredients:
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
3 tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla

-preheat oven to 350 degrees
-peel and mash bananas. (I put them into the food processor- much quicker!)
-add all (bread) ingredients, except flour until well combined
-slowly add flour
-pour evenly into two 4x8 loaf pans
-bake for 1 hour
-while bread is baking, combine all icing ingredients. pour over bread once it is finished baking.

in some ways almost look forward to when the bananas turn brown now :) and if it's only one or two, I'll throw them in the freezer until I have enough to make bread.

Happy hump day! enjoy!


Friday, April 1, 2016

25 weeks

every week I say this to myself, but how, how, how!?? another week down and they are just flying by lately!
one evening this week, I found myself getting a little emotional about pregnancy ending (I mean I still have a few months, but still. I'm closer to the end, than to the beginning). I told Brandon, "I'm so sad that the pregnancy is almost over.. I just love this part.."
he thinks I'm crazy. and so does my sis-in-law when I told her.
but second trimester is bliss! and how I just love carrying my babies.

How far along? 25 weeks
Total weight gain: 21 pounds. it's shocking really! b u t  my midwife did tell me at my last appointment that these few weeks I may really notice some weight gain since it's the time that my body is working on doubling it's blood volume. and boy was she right!
Maternity clothes? no change here from last week. mainly just pants. but since we've been having such nice days I really need to get myself some maternity shorts! I don't want to be trapped to jeans when it's 70 degrees outside! but watch, the day I buy some, we'll lose this weather and be back to 50s and rain ;)
Stretch marks? still no new ones!
Best moment this week: definitely this great weather we've been having and all of the outside time we've gotten! soaking it up while it's here! zoo. park. walks. sidewalk chalk.
Worst moment this week: well... waiting for baby's crib and dresser to come.. since we've decided and now know what it will be, I just want it now! but the countdown continues... three weeks and it will should arrive... I need to work on my patience on this matter
Current symptoms: really feeling good! I can tell that the tiredness that I have been experiencing is starting to wear off and naps during the day aren't as mandatory ;) but this sunshine could be part of it too! and I figured out that the nausea I was having in the night was caused by my vitamins. I've always taken them right before bed with a snack, but for some reason they aren't settling well now. I'm taking them earlier in the day now, and the problem has been solved!
Miss anything? right now, nope!
Movement: yep! all throughout the day! and especially in the evenings
Food cravings: nothing new.
Wedding rings on or off? on. but then again, I never take my rings off anyways, so maybe they're just stuck on :) I haven't checked
Happy or moody most of the time: happy :) helps that I'm feeling well!
Looking forward to: my mama is coming to visit from Idaho for a long weekend (gets in today!). I am so excited to spend some time with her. a fun few days ahead for us!