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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Cannon Beach, OR || summer 2017

family getaways are getting better and better as our family grows and as we return back to the same places. the memories we make, and getting to repeat our destination makes for an extra special little place in our hearts. 
we went to Cannon Beach, OR for the first time as a family of THREE last year when I was pregnant with tanner. and to have gone back the following summer and tanner is actually there with us.. just warms my heart.
this trip was a last minute thing, but it was all just as fun had it been something we had planned for months. we knew we wanted to make the 3ish hour drive there again this summer, but we didn't anticipated it'd be in the plans only two days before going!
because of that (and it being the busiest weekend EVER-- labor day weekend!) we just barely found lodging. we stayed two nights, and each night was in a different room :) I think we literally got the last available rooms in the whole town.
we were honestly fine with it, because all that mattered was that we were THERE!
and harper actually got soooo excited with each room and exploring it. like the second we walked in the door, her three year old energy just EXPLODED!
honest to goodness, there is nothing more special to me than spending time with my little family. all four of us.
as much work that there is to come along with traveling with a one year old and three year old.. it is absolutely worth it.
these two do so well. we make sure our days are flexible with little to no big plans. if a nap needs to happen, we just spend a little time going for a drive. which brandon and I actually LOVE doing. it kinda becomes like a little bit of date haha! quiet time, just him + i :)
we took this same picture, in the same spot last summer.
last year's picture HERE!
we would've included tanner here, but he had fallen asleep in the stroller :)
salt water TAFFY!!
sunsets over the ocean are spectacular!
and pictures just never do them enough justice.
harper every time she found something she liked... "take a quick picture of me like this!"
the afternoon spent at the beach-- definitely everyone's most favorite part of the weekend!
both kiddos we in heaven.
tanner jumped right to playing in the sand as if it's a thing he's done a hundred times. pure boy ;)
and harper. poor girl, I forgot to pack her swimsuit along!! #MOMFAIL
she still had a great attitude about it though and thankfully it didn't ruin the moment. cause those moms of three year olds... you know how something like that can just ruin a moment, right?? ;)
this ocean water on the pacific northwest coast is anything but warm. SO COLD!
but harper could care less.
if we would've let her, she would have been out there swimming in it.
in her makeshift swimsuit and all ;)
we had pizza for dinner both nights and we would've had it again for a third if we'd stayed longer :)
it was that good.
CLEARLY tanner boy agrees with me on that! ;)
ice cream three times in the two and half days we were there.
birthday cake with sprinkles was harper's go-to. in a cone. of course.
until next summer cannon beach!!
I can't wait to see what changes come in the next year for our family and how much these littles grow and learn.
our next family getaway will be planned for Suncadia just before christmas. I'm already looking forward to it. it'll be our THIRD year making that trip.
--last christmas, suncadia HERE--
--and the photo every hour post of that trip HERE--


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Friday, August 18, 2017

IDAHO weekend | summer of 2017

we had such a fun weekend going back to visit my home state of idaho.
makes me so sad to say but it had been nearly two years since i'd been back. and I was reminded why I still love it there so much and how there will always be a place in my heart for idaho.
my ten year high school reunion was what initiated us going when we did. then to visit my mom, grandparents, and best friend filled up the rest of the time we were there.
five days. jam packed. with two of them including 12 hour drives.
it was non stop- yet relaxing at the same time. but just perfect. and filled my heart and soul.
we drove all day friday. and thank heavens the kids did well with it!
my mom has semi recently found a love for horses and riding, so saturday morning she took us all out to see + ride her horse shony.
I was a little nervous for myself, and also for the kids that they would be hesitant and nervous of just how big a real life horse is :)
boy was I wrong!!!
not an ounce of hesitation by either harper or tanner. these two were in heaven and seemed to be right in their element!
the only time tanner protested, was when it was time for him to get OFF and let someone else have a ride :)
after a couple hours of fun with the horses, we stopped at our favorite local lunch spot (5th street bagelry-- if you're ever in pocatello, ID, this is a MUST!!).
then headed for the house to get cleaned up and ready for the reunion.
I had been looking forward to it and knew it would be fun, but I didn't know it would be just as fun as it actually was! seeing these girls, and more friends I went to high school with TEN years ago was so special!
a night I will remember for so long! wish we were able to see each other more often, but catching up and laughing our hearts out for a night will have to do.
the next morning, we packed up to leave Pocatello and headed about 30 minutes down the road to make a stop at my best friend's house.
a couple hours here was so great, but just not enough time!!
our babies:
harper + sutton are just one month apart
tanner + wilder are just six months apart
brittney (yep, same name, same spelling) :) and I became friends in college when we were both on the bengal dancer college dance team.
we have a friendship that I know will last forever no matter how far apart we are.
once we left there, we made the hour and half drive to small town mackay, ID  (population of about 500ish) to see my grandpa and grandma where they spend much of their summer.
we often spent time here camping in the summer when I was growing up. to then bring my babies and husband was so much fun. I loved seeing them love it and enjoy the simple outdoors.
both of these next two pictures... only in a small town like mackay... haha!
rides in grandpa's truck.
don't call the cops on us ;) but harper LOVED the treat of not always having to ride in her car seat.
harper, tanner, and I loved tagging along while mom and brandon played a round of golf.
brandon was in HEAVEN having tanner along and I just KNOW he was imagining the day he can actually take him out to golf with him :)
love watching this father/son relationship.
SO many rides on the four wheeler!!

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