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Friday, October 20, 2017

Tanner Ross || 15 months

ah my TANNER boy!!
goodness gracious how we love you.

we've already had a whole 15 months with you and somehow it feels like you were born just yesterday, and yet as though you've been apart of our little family for always and forever.

you are so dear to us all and have the absolute sweetest little spirit. you've surely got some fire in ya when you get worked up/upset about something (daddy says one day you'll use that on the football field) we shall see!! ;) but along with that you are also the happiest. so calm. love your family. the best cuddle giver. so easy going, just like your daddy.
your dad and I have talked how we just LOVE this stage you're in. this 'toddler boy, looking cute as can be, running around to always explore' stage. it's my favorite. and you somehow keep getting better & better the more you grow.
I love watching you as you become yourself and your personality shows through more and more.

we go in for your 15 month check up in about a week and half and I can't WAIT to see how you've grown and just how much you tip that scale :)
you little stinker, you! we love you so!!
a little bittersweet to me, but we are all finished with nursing. we stopped around 14.5 months. we were slowly slowing down, and were down to 1-2 times nursing a day (first thing in the morning and/or before bed), then the flu bug hit our house. initially we thought tanner had made it through without it, but the day after harper was done, tanner got hit with it. and with that his appetite was slim to nothing... and i was nervous of milk making his tummy upset... so with that it seemed to be the right time to be done.

this boy eats, and he eats, and he EATS! he's such a big eater and always has been.

i don't even want to think about what he's gonna be like ten years from now! having good eating children is something I am so thankful for yet, I also make sure to follow their cues and trust them on when they decide they're finished. no force feeding!
with my background in nutrition, I've learned how important it is to not overfeed children. as mom it's my job to decide what they are eating, where they are eating, and when they are eating. and it's their job to decide how much. it is also so soooo important to limit distractions during meal times. in our house when we eat the tv is off and toys are not to be played with.
meal time is about meal time.  :)
((obviously we are human and there are exceptions to this too))
ok, off my soapbox now!
sleep is top notch right now. and thank heavens for that.

NAPS:: 10:30/11-12:30/1  &   3:30/4-5:30/6
that's been typical and usual, but isn't always quite that structured depending on what we have going that day. BUT we're getting to where that second nap is getting a bit too late for bedtime to still happen on time. so I think we're actually gonna start trying to transition to one nap more seriously and see how that goes.

BED:: 8:00pm-7:30am
no wake ups in there either, hallelujah!!
((for most always at least))

I have found though (and it was the same with harper at this age), the better he sleeps in the day for his naps, the better he sleeps at night. recently there were a couple afternoons where tanner wasn't able to get his late afternoon nap in and both of those nights he woke. it didn't take much to get him back go sleep, but still a mama would rather it didn't happen! ;)

so with that.... I REALLY strive to make sure naps happen. cause we are ALL much happier that way ;) and Lord know he needs it and I need it.
not a whole lot to say here, cause it's just plain + simple.. this boy LOVES.TO.PLAY.
I mean what 15 month old doesn't, BUT gosh he's into everything and has become quite the little friend and companion to his big sister.
it's non stop on the go every second he's awake.
favorite 'toys': the broom, mop, & duster. my spoons & spatulas. books. the stack of dvds in the tv stand. cars. balls. the play kitchen. the computer keyboard. dad's golf clubs.
13-15 month P H O T O   D U M P

12 months    11 months    10 months    9 months    8 months    7 months
6 months    5 months    4 months    3 months    2 months    1 month


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Monday, June 26, 2017

9 + 10 + 11 month favorites

three months included here and as I look back at nine months it seems like forever ago! 
but since tanner hit that age and has been nonstop mobile, we've used a lot of the same items and not much has changed in this department.

life these last couple months have been a whole lotta food, sleep, playing, + me running around.

george hats //  this one has been a more recent item for us as summer has approached. I feel like I'm constantly putting a hat on tanner to protect his little head from the sun. because sunscreen IN THE HAIR is the absolute worst. it's also so cute on him that I wish would've been having him wear one forever ago! and the sun hat is just perrrfect for pool days!

honest night time diapers // we used these with both our babies and they are THE BEST. once they reach the age where middle of the night diaper changes were out & in tanner's case tummy sleeping started causing some leaking. honest dipes for the win!

contigo water bottle // what harper has, tanner wants. siblings!! so the boy version of the contigo kids water bottle was added to my target shopping list. I've loved the stainless steel for keeping the water colder longer. though it is heavier and he no longer gets to have it in his highchair cause when he throws that down-- I fear for my toes every time.

honest baby multi vitamin // tanner gets one packet of this every morning in his yogurt and loves it!

baby finger toothbrush + gel // boy has EIGHT teeth. and eats LOTS of food. so those chompers need some cleaning! I used to use a baby washcloth to wipe them, but he started biting my finger, so this gives a little more protection on my part haha!

snack cups // so many snack cups out there! we fill them with cheerios, puffs, goldfish, ect. I love these OXO ones cause they come with a lid for when they're stored in the diaper bag. helps save on some of the crumby mess!

booth bath mat // this thing has a hook to HANG over the shower head so it can hang and dry out after bath. finally someone came up with this!!

previous month's favorites:


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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

bedtime routine

first off. WHY in heavens names do children get alll their highest energy right before bed!??

brandon and I tackle all this together (he's the BEST). an awesome hubby and daddy who's so hands on.
with harper and tanner being in different stages, there are some parts of our bedtime routine where they're separated and some parts that overlap together.

times are 'ish' of course because babies and toddlers certainly don't follow the time on the clock ;)
we do baths every other night. so if it's bath night we try to get that tackled and done right after cleaning up from dinner. (we shoot for dinner around 5:30). depending on what our day is like we sometimes will try to swing putting harper in the shower with one of us, or I will try doing baths during the 'after nap-before dinner' time. just to get them out of the way!

it all begins to go down at... 
6:45pm -- wind down time. chocolate milk (carnation instant breakfast) + a show
*tanner plays/hangs out/reads with brandon or I during this
7:15pm -- upstairs for books. we let harper choose three books and as long as tanner is tolerating it, we try to do this all together (sometimes he's over it and we just need to continue on with getting him ready for bed and put down earlier)
then we go our separate ways. one of us takes harper and the other takes tanner.
7:30/7:45pm -- tanner: lavender essential oil in the diffuser. chamomile foot massage. zipadee zip. lullaby music on. nurse. paci. down to bed. 
7:30/7:45pm -- harper. potty. wash hands + face. brush teeth. then all the attempts to procrastinate with being hungry, thirsty, blah blah blah ;). as we get through that it's lullaby music on (both kiddos have monitors in their rooms that play music and we've been using it since harper was about 8 months old. she still likes it and asks for it, so we still use it). sing songs, hug + kiss goodnight, and we're out the door.  some nights it's as simple as that & then some nights she'll put up more resistance. want us to stay in longer, or gets out of bed a handful of times once we've left, or just try any procrastination she thinks might help her from having to go to bed ;) we try our best to be consistent and keep our "no" meaning "no".

we shoot for bed by 8pm. tanner is generally down by then no problem. but two and half year old harper... ;) sometimes we hit that. sometimes we don't get there until 9pm. big, deep breaths on those nights. and sometimes we're in between there ;)


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Friday, March 17, 2017

seven + eight month favorites

two more months. (HOW?)
another handful of changes. (STOP GROWING!)
and another list of new favorite things. (SO MANY THINGS) ;)

babies don't stop growing and changing. not even as hard as we mamas try to make them stay just itty bitty forever. every month brings so much newness and also so much fun! (for the most part. like not the teething part.)
in addition to many things from previous months that we are also still using (ONE, TWO, THREE + FOUR, FIVE + SIX), here are a few of our favorite things over these last couple months:

bibs // with solids comes mess. I've tried a number of bibs and I want something that doesn't stain from food, can withstand the washer + dryer, and is cute of course :) these bumkin bibs are the best.

nosefrida // this one has actually been something we've been using for a few months. since back when tanner had bronchiolitis. it really grossed me out at first, but this thing is AMAZING! SO effective in getting that 'yuck' out ;) all mamas of babies need to have this on hand. Tanner has been hard core teething and this was a lifesaver in cleaning out his little nose :)

sippy cup // tanner is just slowly used to his sippy cup, but nuby sippy cups are the best when it comes to finding one that doesn't leak! having a leaky sippy cup is one annoying thing that I just don't have the patience for. we tried a number of brands when harper was a baby and nuby was and still is where we found success!

exersaucer // we pulled this out from the closet under the stairs and it's been great for keeping tanner entertained (and contained) ;) even though he fairly recently just started truly crawling, he had been army crawling, scooting, and pushing himself allll around prior.

ergo // now this we've been using for quite some time (in addition to our solly wrap), but with how big tanner is, the ergo feels a bit more solid when I'm throwing him in it as we run into a store. unless we're at costco, tanner gets strapped into the ergo while harper gets the shopping cart. maybe once he's a little older and can hold his own better ;) I'll let them both cozy up and ride together in the regular sized shopping carts.

wean green containers // we have these from when harper was a baby (yet another handmedown). they are still in like new condition. i love them! they're small and a good size for tanner who doesn't eat a large amount of foods and the lids are great for storing uneaten foods in the fridge for later. another favorite thing- they don't stain and get dingy looking like their plastic competitors.

happy friday friends!! OH! and it's st. patty's day, so a double happy friday to ya!!


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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

five + six month favorites

a handful of our favorite things over the last couple of months. though I often think there are too many baby products out there, I have definitely found some that have helped make our days roll out better. most of the time ;) because there's still no ignoring the fact that our days involve a two and half year old and a six month old. both who have a lot of needs!!

{kinda lengthy descriptions, but it explains why we like each of these products} :)

blackout curtains // we don't have blinds in the bedrooms of our house so the sun shines through with nothin stopping it. not good when it wakes sleeping babes! we installed pull down black out shades into the bedrooms when we first moved in (I think I bought them a jcpenny..??). found that from the direction the bedroom windows face, extra darkening was necessary for good sleeping babies :) and have bought pottery barn black out curtains. they are amazing! they block the light so well and I don't have to worry about the sun shinning in and waking the babes earlier than they ought to ;)

quilt // we've been using these quilts/blankets to lay down over the rug in our living room when setting Tanner up to play in the day. it's mainly to protect our rug from spit up and/or blowouts! they're also so soft and we use them when going out of the house too for staying a little warmer during these cold days we've been having. we have this one + this fun new print that I'm thinking might turn into being his 'baby blanket'. there are so many prints between the two brands, that I just want so many of them!!

diffuser + oils // amongst working on getting better sleep for tanner, I brought our essential oils into our night time routine. we had been using them here and there, but now it's every night. I totally believe they have helped! a little coconut oil + lavendar on his jaw line, behind the ears, and back of his neck (especially when he's teething!). a relaxing chamomile blend I have from timelabs that I massage on his feet. and lavendar + frankensense in the diffuser (I have this one and have been very happy with it- we actually have two in our home).
baby boy loves getting his little massage before bed. it really calms him down and settles him in for the night. a little bonus- it's relaxing for me too!

zipadee zip // we used what in our home we call the "zippy" with harper as a baby as well. since we've had them on hand, we pulled them out for tanner (really ever since we stopped swaddling him months ago), but it's still what he sleeps in. and it's working great for us. I've thought about trying to transition him to having his arms out, but why mess up a good thing ;)
--he wakes a time or two in the night, but for me that's no big deal when I can get him right back to sleep after nursing.
--also, being a tummy sleeper 50% of the time, with the amount of space he has in this sleep sack, he is able to move around freely and sleep on his tummy comfortably.

high chair //  since we started solids at five months and he's now been sitting around six months, we've pulled the high chair out and use it every night. we were using the play chair, but it was just too big on our kitchen table during dinner and with being such a big boy.. we started getting concerned with safety! this is the high chair from when harper was a baby, and it's held up so well. we love the wood on it so it isn't an eyesore in our kitchen, and it's so easy to clean.

baby breeza // here again with solids. it's so easy to make baby food with this product. and inexpensive! one sweet potato and I can make over a dozen servings for tanner. it steams + purees so there aren't multiple cooking steps. easy peasy!!

there ya have it!
let me know if you have anything you are loving for this age (or any other age at that matter!) mama recommendations are the best recommendations! ;)

previous month's favorites:


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