Tuesday, June 11, 2019

hawaii || family vacay 2019

the blog has really fallen to the back burner since our tatum has been born.
having three kids is a whole new kind of busy with very very (if any) free time. 
i'm hoping i can get back into a little more of a rhythm with it this summer. because i really do enjoy keeping up on it so much! 
i love sharing here and if i have the time, or reason to do it, i'm gonna do my best to get it done. 
even if it takes me four weeks longer than i'd like! ;)
i can't NOT document our family vacation to hawaii.
 this is the third spring we've gone as a family and i love having the post to look back at where all our favorite memories are pulled together.
last year's trip HERE (2018)
and the year before is HERE (2017)
this year was extra sweet as we had grown to a family of five!
tatum was snug in my belly last year when we were in Kauai and now we had him to enjoy the fun and memories with us this year, and he sure added an extra level of sweetness!
we never make for lots of "plans" when we do our family trip.
our focus is to not have any sort of schedule, and just enjoy the week together while of course fitting in some naps for these littles. because vacation mode or not, a tired two year old is gonna have that meltdown- so make the nap happen in hopes to avoid it ;)
one thing we quickly learned while traveling with three kids, the oldest being just four- no one travels with three young children! no one even travels with three children. like we seemed to be the only family of five in the airport and on the island. having three instead of two this year we noticed such a difference in the comments and stares. such a shock to me. but then again, i get it. it's hard work to travel with kids (especially at their young ages) but i tell ya- it is sooo worth it!
if i give any advice to anyone who's contemplating a family trip. DO IT.
it's so fun to experience it all together and make the family memories.
i live for these family moments when it's just us and other responsibilities are put aside.
also this tatum face- - I LIVE FOR THIS TOO!
a photo dump of our trip filled with moments i never want to forget!
& any wonder or question on traveling with these kiddos (i know it's always a hot topic), just let me know. happy to share!

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