Sunday, March 25, 2018

BABY 3!!

we are so excited to share! 
baby number THREE will be here come october!
our hearts are so full. 
what a blessing it is that we are growing our little family by one more this year :)

photography // root focus
chalkboard writing // jill cox


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Monday, March 12, 2018

summer lovin' in MARCH

oh how the last two days have just filled our spirits!
yesterday's high was 62 and today is 70! such an unexpected surprise that we were SOOO wiling to welcome. our typical this time of year is in the 50s mixed with some rain and some sun here and there. such a tease into summer that we were so happy to have!
with real estate, brandon almost always takes sundays off. it's our time as a family. not always an easy thing to do with the demands of being a realtor, but that's our day. where we can fit in going to church, spending quality time as a family, as well as some rest + relaxation.
so that being said, i was SO happy when this gorgeous day fell on a SUNDAY!
brandon had to work some today (monday) in the am and the afternoon, but was able to squeeze some time where he could be with the kids and I again. it was the best!
we filled both these 'summer-like' days down at point ruston on the waterfront. we brought the wagon along, walked, played on the playground, grabbed some lunch from the jewel box cafe to eat outside on the bench in the sun, ice cream, and followed up with long naps!
 we're anxious for you, summer!


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Thursday, March 1, 2018

life lately | hello march

well it was january. for like 75 days. 
and then it was february for about 12.
and now HELLO march!
this post brought on by both kids napping and me feeling like I'm catching my breath from the rampage i've been on trying to kill every little flu bug that may be contaminating my house.
I've never been so worried about a bug/virus as i have been this last week.
brandon came home from work last friday night and it hit him out of no where. we weren't positive if it were the flu or not, well by day 3, he went in and got the official diagnosis. worst fears...

sounds silly, but everyone has been saying how this bug is just SO BAD. and we did not need the kids and I catching it as well.
quarantined him to the bonus room upstairs, while wearing a mask. 
since then i've been disinfecting like a mad woman. all while washing our hands til they're raw. loading up on extra vitamins + fluids + essential oils. and we have for the most part (with exceptions of quick runs for prescriptions and a few groceries) been homebound since.

monday evening harper came down with a fever. it came and went for the next couple of days, never really going higher, and no other symptoms really sticking around long enough to matter too much. and now today she is acting nearly her normal self and NO FEVER all day long.
hesitating to not jump the gun, but i am jumping with joy inside!
tanner and i have yet to show any signs of sickness... so we shall see!
fingers crossed & prayers being said.
MARCH 1ST today and the sun is shinning. although it really won't 'heat up' here in washington for a bit still, i'm eager for some more comfortable temps where we can head outside to play in the afternoons. and i know the kids are too! multiple times a week harper is saying to me "when is summertime coming? it's taking so long!"

into the third month of 2018 and it has felt like a whirlwind. various life things going on, then adding in sickness. i've taken a bit of a 'break' here and there from social media + blogging. and really it has felt nice. and refreshing for my mind too. sometimes it just feels good, right?! and can be so needed. but then again it is so fun too and i get to where i miss my blogging 'hobby' :)

it isn't uncommon for me to request of these two to stop and take a picture quick before we load into the car from leaving the house. well lately both have been running up to the side of the house without a single request from me and standing there for their picture haha!
i turned 29 on february 14th (valentine's day!) and brandon surprised me with a getaway!
lots of time spent at the spay + relaxing + eating.
these little hams. love 'em to death.
SNOW! this was the first of two!
i've still been wanting to share a couple pictures (i'll get there) ;)  probably on insta stories. but we painted a few rooms in our house as well as changed out a handful of light fixtures. things we've wanted to do for quite sometime. it is amazing what paint and fixtures can do to a place!

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