Monday, October 15, 2018

welcome to this world sweet baby tatum

we are all head over heels in love with this precious soul who God has gifted us.
he is pure love and perfection.
a whole sixteen days now we've had our sweet tatum ross in our arms.
after a birth experience that was not what i was expecting and quicker than i could comprehend.

this little is such an angel.
sweet, calm, content. and truly hardly cries.
he's gotten an extra special place in my heart as he has been letting me get some sleep!
all the praise hands!
i'm up 1-2 times with him in the night. it's a quick diaper change, swaddled back up, nurse, and then he's back to sleep.

and here he is! the first moment of holding him in my arms.
emotions resurface as i look at this picture and i see all the love and support surrounding me and our newest baby who had just entered this world. no better feeling than holding my baby for the first time.

...Tatum Ross Hjelseth...
born september 29, 2018
8 pounds 2 ounces
20.5 inches long

weights since birth:
birth:: 8 lbs 2 oz
2 day:: 7 lbs 10.5 oz
12 day: 8 lbs 10 oz

the last two weeks have felt like such a smooth transition for our little family.
with the support of my mom staying with us for the first week and a half, and then brandon taking time off work to be home, we have all been able to soak in these first precious days.
tatum fits in so perfectly and has the best brother and sister who give him all the best loves and kisses.

i have such a thankful heart for my amazing midwife, susan (who has helped me to bring all three of our babies into the world). she is such a blessing to me and gives me strength and support to help my birth wishes come true.
also how grateful i am for the birthing inn. to have a beautiful, peaceful place for me to birth my babies... i can't imagine it any other way.

we love you sweet baby tatum!! so thankful to have you in our arms to love and kiss on you. i can't get over your sweetest hair and beautiful features. what a pretty baby you are and your mama loves you ever so dearly my precious baby.

(i'm working on our birth story, so that to come!)


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Friday, September 21, 2018

fall is here | summer 2018 recap

so many things i've wanted to share over the summer months, but we were busy DOING all the things! i wasn't able to find the moments in time to pull pictures and thoughts together to share each event as the summer went on.
...and THEN i've been dying to do a summer recap post with all our summer fun wrapped into one, as we welcomed in fall.
still didn't happen.
well somehow, now having our newborn baby tatum born, i have the time??
(those nighttime nursing sessions) ;)

anywho... here we have it!!

we had SUCH a great summer, and lived for it every day!
summers here in the PNW are the greatest and most beautiful ever.
one of our favorites.
all the simple backyard play.
staying home (i'm a major homebody!), playing in the backyard. 
a simple blowup pool, running through the sprinkler, water table play, and of course allll the OTTERPOPS! :)
our getaway to suncadia over the 4th of july weekend!

the most fun ice cream party for our TWO + FOUR year old birthday twins!!
treats before dinner + afternoon baking with my best two!
good 'ol family days!
some just the four of us. some grandparents, cousins, auntie + uncle too.
all equally good!
my favorite:: growing this tatum belly!!!

day after day spent at the pool!
our other favorite for summer!!
...and pool days followed up with LOTS of car to house nap transfers
a quick jaunt down to palm dessert (kid free!) to celebrate tyler + angela turning 30!
dance recital + swim lessons + golf lessons for our harper girl!
allll the donut + sonic stops

visits from family and friends!

a quick overnighter to celebrate US!
S E V E N years of marriage.
our week trip to my home state, of I D A H O!!
an evening + morning spent in pocatello.
then to mackay for a handful of days.
followed by our last couple days spent in sun valley.

cheer + dance clinic and performing at the rainier's baseball game for harper!
she did this last year, as a three year old, (she was the youngest of all the girls at the clinic). it was so fun to see how she has grown over the last year.
girl is a performer at heart!
ending summer, rolling into fall with a trip to the local dance store for a new leotard and shoes for this dance year and one last trip to the pool! 
it was the best summer and we packed it full! while also finding time to have the lazy days at home.
summer has always been my favorite season, but my heart has been a bit torn this year while also longing for fall. likely due to our waiting on our fall baby to arrive :)
and now that sweet tatum is here, it feels so good to welcome FALL! 
we've been spending our days in. sunggling + relaxing + and soaking up these precious moments.

i've shared pictures on insta, but next to come will be sharing more about our little tatum and how he made is {quick!} entrance into this world. 

as of now, back to cuddling my sweet baby and cherishing these slow days at home with my family of FIVE.


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