Monday, June 18, 2018

photo every hour | father's day 2018

i just looked back at my previously posted 'photo every hour' posts, and funny enough the last one i did was also on father's day last year. though i am in shock- - it's been a year since the last one?!
most shocking to me cause it's one of my favorite type of posts to do.
easy + lots of pictures :)


his favorite. golf. so a super cute golf card it was.
his favorite. french toast. so french toast it was.
the getting ready for church process.
hang out on the bathroom floor while you wait ;)
tanner. makes it into church nursery about 75% of the time.
we call it a win!
he wasn't having it and wanted a little extra daddy time ;)
...when it got to where he couldn't quietly sit still... dad took him to the tractors out back :)
...& so stinking cute! #hearteyes
he wanted an after church starbucks stop. but in addition i opted for a sonic drink stop.
a little lunch prep!
this delicious (easy!) crunchy salad recipe is in THIS POST :)
to papa + nana's for bbq lunch.
and a whole lotta time in the pool!
two tired kids.
tanner pushed through naptime like a champ.
...until the second we drove out of the driveway
back home.
...& early to bed!
i don't have pictures to follow, but from then til our bedtime, brandon and i enjoyed a couple acai bowls and hit plopped down on the couch.

we had such a great day, celebrating such a great dad!
these two here (and before we know it, three) have the greatest dad!


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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

23 weeks || littlest brother bump update

just checked my app to make sure i'm correct here.
...and yep. 23  W E E K S with this sweet baby brother bump!

being my third pregnancy here (aka having two toddlers running around with me 24/7) i haven't had the time + energy to document this pregnancy like i did the others.
check-ins here and there & "unofficial" bump update pictures will have to do ;) and i sure love this little boy all the same!!

with harper (pre blogging days) i took a weekly chalkboard picture tracking what fruit she compared to in size. and with tanner it was a weekly pic tagged along in a weekly bump update blog post. i LOVED doing this with each of my babes and love looking back.
i get a number of odd looks whenever i say this out loud... but i love being pregnant.
i cherish it best i can and yet it always seems to slip away too quickly.
that and the newborn phase. if i could just always be pregnant and have a newborn.
it goes too too quick!!

so here's to a 'summary' recap of where we're at 23 weeks in with baby number 3!

how far along? 23 weeks + 5 days

total weight gain: 14 lbs

baby is a: eggplant. maltese puppy. or a fruit pie. haha! whichever you choose to go with :)

maternity clothes? wearing a few staple pieces. there are a handful of items that are go-to's for me and others i try to mix piece that i already have in my closet that are non maternity. but maternity bottoms for sure!

stretch marks? yep. since baby #1 ;) all the oils + all the lotions and yet i'm still a mama with them on my hips. truly nothing i'm ashamed of or embarrassed by though.

sleep: so so good!! snuggling up with my pregnancy pillow each night and i'm out like a light!

best moment this week: i'm really embracing and enjoying my time with just harper and tanner. and this last week we've gotten many moments where i'm just so happy to be spending this time with them. it's going to be such a good summer!

excited for: been doing some furniture shopping and i think we're close to making a decision and getting his crib and dresser ordered!

current symptoms: not much. thankfully! other than sciatic pain that i'm in and out of the chiropractor's office for. each pregnancy it comes, and it is just as painful each time. thankful i know what it is when the pain creeps on and how to manage it! cause the first time around i was most certainly blindsided by it.

midwife update: i'll be in for my next appt in a couple weeks. it's all pretty uneventful at this point, so not expecting much to come from it. (which i am thankful for!). the second trimester bliss ;)

miss anything? man how i'd love a cold hard cider paired with a cold sub sandwich on warm sunny days!

movement: yes yes yes. LOVE feeling this little one wiggle around in there. each week it keeps increasing. I had first felt him around 13 weeks, then was no longer feeling movement until about 18-19 weeks. thought maybe my placenta was on the front, but ultrasound proved that wasn't the case. he's perfectly healthy, but it just must be this 'third time around' pregnancy belly that was giving him allll the space. too much space for me to feel where he was at ;)

food cravings/aversions: i've got an acai bowl obsession. and s'mores (with reeses of course). but i'm not sure if it's pregnancy craving or just a little less self control!

gender? BOY! we found out via a blood test at 14 weeks! and yay for a little brother!! though the first couple days of finding out, harper was quite disappointed. poor girl wanted a sister! but she is over the moon excited for this little brother now :)

looking forward to: i'm always looking forward to my next prenatal appointment. our plan is to go the same route with a natural birth at the birthing inn again (as i did with both other babies). i just LOVE being there and the peace it brings to me. anytime i get to spend there feels so special. i luck out being that my midwife, susan's office is in the birthing inn :)

wedding rings on: on. i never take my rings off. like never ever. 

belly button in or out: more-so making itself flat ;)

how i'm preparing: once we decide on furniture then the fun of finding cute nursery decor will come. such a blessing to have this little one and his room has gotta feel just as special. i do have to say though, it is much harder for me to think of and come up with ideas for a boy nursery than it would be for a girl. i have found with boy (in most ways) i've gotta dig a little harder and search a little more to find what i like.

i love to talk about all things pregnancy, labor/delivery, and baby. any questions or just to chat, would love to hear from you. so please feel free to reach out! 


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Saturday, May 12, 2018

hawaii || family vacay 2018

this trip was so good for all our souls and refreshed us all in so so many ways.
to take a trip as a family is so important to us. it gives us intentional, uninterrupted time where it is just the four of us. we made this same trip last year and knew we so badly wanted to try to make it happen again this year. which we're already saying about next year now too!
the winter/spring here in washington gets to us. we have such a desire for the sunshine and getting away for a week helps get us through til summer. (but now unexpectedly the weather here at home has been so great!) 
you can see our trip to hawaii last year HERE!
it's so fun to be making memories a year later at the same places. we stayed in the exact same condo as the previous year because it worked so well for our family. same time of year too!
making this family vacation/babymoon happen was the perfect timing where I'm feeling good in the second trimester and before our sweet little brother is here with us.
traveling with little kids isn't easy, but no doubt it is worth it!
every.single.bit. of it.
our kids do pretty well traveling. tanner is just at the age of being one-and-a-half where it's tough to sit still ;)
so many pictures to come here (sorry, not sorry!)
there is no justice put to these pictures right here- hawaii has the most gorgeous sunsets!
and little miss cutie buns here makes it all the sweeter :)
first ever leis for both us girls! we saw them before heading to the condo and harper was so captivated by the "flower necklaces"
B E A C H  D A Y S!!
these were our absolute favorite of days. we just knew the kids were going to have the best of time at the beach. and they did! i tell ya, they could've sat there and played in the sand for the entire day. neither were fans much of the ocean. (though harper loved it last year!) they both had moments where they worked up their courage to get in, but definitely preferred playing in the sand.
just plopped their cute little selves down with bucket + shovel in hand.
happy as could be.
P O O L!!!

at the condo we've stayed the pool is literally in our 'backyard' just a few steps from our back porch. we stay on the main level and that too makes all the difference when children need naps.
the kids can get all the napping in that they need while we're still able to enjoy outside.
it's when we put in most of our pool time :)
a couple of days brandon and i even scored by both kiddos napping at the same time and it became a little 'date' by the pool for us!
F O O D!!!

one thing we have LOVED the two times before when we had been to kauai was the food on the island. and this time around we found even a few more places we just couldn't get enough of!
- - - ACAI BOWLS.- - -


that's it. that's all i'm gonna say.

we walked to get one for breakfast EVERY morning. and once i finished, i couldn't wait til the next morning when i'd get another. obsessed much?? ;) nahhh
---DA CRACK.---
best mexican from a little hole in the wall restaurant.
I say restaurant loosely since it's really just a pick-up window ;)
polish dog + sweet fruit relish + a grilled bun.
i can almost taste it now! SO GOOD!!
---and good 'ol SHAVED ICE of course!!---

we always go to the same shack and it never disappoints!
---WHITE pineapple!---

pineapples alone in hawaii are unbelievably good! the sweetest i've had.

BUT if you can track down a WHITE PINEAPPLE at one of the local farmers markets. get one!

bring a $20 bill and don't expect much change back. most spendy pineapple, but truly worth every bite!

there's always a bit of jealousy to whoever winds up getting the last bite :) my ideal food intake for the day would look like if it were all up to me...

breakfast: sau sai acai bowl

lunch: puka dog with mango relish

dinner: da crack burrito bowl

snacks: shaved ice + white pineapple

all that x7 days in.a.row! :)
the morning i was up before all the rest and took a solo walk on the beach watching the sun rise.

nothing like it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
P H O T O   D U M P

---all the beautiful memories we made---

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
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