Saturday, July 28, 2018

Harper MonaƩ || FOUR YEARS

oh my harper girl. 
you are four. 
i don’t know how it can be. it gets me feeling all the emotions of you not being my little tiny baby anymore, yet at the same time i just love how you have grown into the sweet girl you are! it brings me so much joy and happiness to have your sweet soul with me everyday. you are so fun and my little bff. 
always by my side. always wanting to be involved with what I’m doing. you are such a little mama yourself. you are my right hand girl and i just know you always will be as we're raising your little brothers too. they are so lucky to have a big sis like you!
tanner is rarely out of your sight. and you're always talking about all the ways you're going to help me take care of your new little brother once he arrives.
i CANNOT wait to see how you fall in love with him.
i am cherishing these precious days, my sweet girl.
couldn't love you any more.
-xoxo, love your mama
Harper girl, 
Happy 4th Birthday!  To think you're 4 already is just crazy to me.  I look back at pictures when you were first born, and I can’t believe we’re already to this age.  You are such a beautiful little girl full of love, compassion, and sweetness… just like your Mom!  You are an amazing sister to your brother Tanner and I can’t wait to see you love & care for your new little brother in a few months. 
I pray that your life will be filled with happiness and that Jesus directs your path. Rely on Him and He will be with you always.  I love you more than words can say, and you will always be my little girl! 
Daddy loves you!  Happy Birthday Harper!

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tanner Ross || TWO YEARS

tanner. tanner. oh my tanner boy!!
you are TWO!
i still feel like i can just blink and be back to your newborn days. it has flown by. and time is such a thief in taking your baby-ness away. not an ounce of baby left in you.
such a toddler you have suddenly turned into. and i am LOVING it! you are so so much fun these days and your little (BIG) personality is just erupting! 
you are silly. determined. smart. intuitive. compassionate. such a stinker. and yet the silliest boy i know.
your love for your daddy has just exploded lately and you are his biggest fan. every second he is around you, if you aren't up in his arms, then you're his little shadow trotting right behind him. doing everything he does. you want to be just like him.
it is the sweetest thing and makes your mama's heart so happy to see you have such a desire for your dad.
i love every ounce of you. my boy.
what a fun year it has been and i can't wait to see what more comes this next year as you become a big brother! you have grown in so many ways, and already taught me so many things.
you have blessed our family by being the perfect piece to our little family's puzzle.
love you tanner boy!!
-xoxo, mama
Another year with you in our lives and now you're two!  It’s been such an amazing year and I’m so thankful I get to be your Dad.  You’re such a strong-willed, feisty boy, yet so sweet and loving at the same time.  It’s so fun to see you grow each day. 
As of late, you're all about me, which I hope will always be the case!  You will always be my best friend and I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for us.  You can always count on me.    
I love you more than anything and your Mom and I pray for your protection & guidance in your life daily.  We love you so much! 
Happy 2nd Birthday Tanner Ross! 
Love, Dad


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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Harper's 4th + Tanner's 2nd | Ice Cream Birthday Party

well almost two weeks later and i've finally gotten to doing this post for harper + tanner's ice cream birthday party!
we had just the best time celebrating that day and it was all so much fun!
they've now been FOUR & TWO for almost two weeks now!!
time is a thief and they are growing up so so quickly.
but it also somehow keeps on getting better.
just a bit before the party was about to start, i went and grabbed my big camera to quick snap some pics before the party got started. the darn thing wouldn't turn on. battery dead.
annoying, but iphone did just fine too ;)
this party, among the birthday parties we've done over the last few years, has been the easiest for setup and made for a rush-free, stress-free, time before the party.
which we all could appreciate!
#1 contributing factor to that:: i hardly made any of the food.
normally i make it all and do it all. and as much as i've loved making the cake/cupcakes, ect... this year it was so nice! i had the cakes & cookies done by some awesome local people (i'll link to them at the end of the post for reference!) and they turned out soooo well!! i couldn't be happier. and then the ice cream too was purchased from a local ice cream shop who makes THEE BEST handmade ice cream!
that all being said...
the balloon garland was one exception to the 'quick & easy'...
simple:: yes
time consuming:: YES ;)
though it truly isn't complicated to do! i am NOT a crafty/diy person ;)
(i saved a post on my pinterest for reference on the DIY steps to balloon garland making)
i had the best time hunting down all the little details for this party.
keeping it fun and colorful, yet still 'boy' appropriate was my goal. the challenges of having a boy and a girl with the same birthday. we don't even consider princess parties or truck parties. yet ;)
but i'm happy to say it turned out just as i had hoped! and our gender neutral party came together so so well! 
harper + tanner, we all love you two.
and LOVE celebrating you together!! 
how special it is that you get to share something together that is so so rare, your birthdays!!

we love you, sweet birthday twins of ours!!

matching tanks // hen and co.
harper's necklace // hooray everyday
cookies // kiki confectionary
ice cream // ice cream social 
party invitation // ckfireboots
ice cream cups + spoons // the bakers party shop
black+ white polka dot cups // party garden
sprinkles // shop sweet lu lu

(any other link to something i may 
have missed, just ask! happy to share!)


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