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Friday, July 8, 2016

39 weeks

I almost grabbed the '38' for the banner for this week's picture. and then it hit me... nope! we're at 3-9!! just one week's time makes such a difference at this point in pregnancy. technically it's just another week passing, but at this point, one weeks is soooo much more! 
I mean, it's possible this could be the last bump picture. although I'm feeling quite sure that it won't be ;) 
before we were about to snap this picture, Brandon said "only two more". so he's thinking this one, and then next week at 40 will be the last. I'm not quite sure... I wouldn't be surprised if we were able to get ourselves a picture at 41 weeks! 
would not be surprised one bit.

we had an appointment with my midwife yesterday. and well, there really isn't a lot to report.
still pregnant. and it looks like I will most likely be making it to my appointment next week as well.
How far along? 39 weeks
Total weight gain: 41 pounds
Maternity clothes? well of course. and due to this horrible weather we've been having lately (it seems more like October than July...) I wore my maternity jeans for the first time in awhile. I thought I was looonggg done with them.
Sleep: napping nearly every day. once Harper goes down for her nap, it's like my energy level just tanks. I've been taking advantage of her sleeping and getting myself a little nap in too. and not feeling an ounce bad about it, because here soon sleep will be a lot less than it is now! to the newborn world we will go :)
Best moment this week: the 4th of July for sure! we didn't have any big plans, but hung out with great friends, enjoyed great food, and watched some great fireworks. even though it's her second 4th of July, this was Harper's first time seeing the fireworks. after a little bit of warming up to them in the late afternoon, by the time it was dark and the real show was happening, she didn't have any fear of the loud booms. she still, four days later, has been talking about the "fie-wooks" :)
Current symptoms: just those that go along with being 39 weeks pregnant. uncomfortableness.
Miss anything? I'm really missing being able to have Harper sit on my lap in the rocking chair before bed reading books. with a belly this big, there isn't any space left for her to sit. baby brother is taking up allll the room! but Brandon has been completely taking over this duty and it's actually so sweet to watch them sit and read together :) warms my pregnant mama heart!
Labor signs? no. no. and no.
Looking forward to: Harper's second birthday party on Saturday!! HOW is our baby just days away from turning t w o??! her days of being the 'baby' are limited now and soon she will be a big sister girl! we are so excited to celebrate her and I can't wait to see what she thinks of her party :) then, (as long as baby boy is still comfy in my tummy) mommy + daddy will celebrate her again on her 'real' birthday on the 13th :)
and there we have it. week 39 is here!
bags are packed. car seat is in the car. and we're ready to roll once he decides to give us the green light.
I'm sure you will be hearing from me again in another 7 days! but I won't be complaining if you don't ;)


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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

38 weeks

There's just something about being at this point of 38 weeks- that makes it all so.much.more.real. as if I haven't known since October we'd be having another little babe join our family.. mentally it has taken time to become so real.
and the 'real' part of all this is that labor and delivery are near and WILL be happening anytime now. (though I don't expect it for another couple of weeks- at least). 
now watch- he's going to come early ;)
but with all that the 'real' part means mentally it's time I get myself there. for me- with natural childbirth- it's about a lot of reminders. 
each contraction is doing work to get me closer and closer. 
through all the hard work it's going to end with having my baby on my chest. 
don't fight the contractions- let them do their thing. 
God made my body to do this. 
women have been birthing babies since the beginning of time- I can do it too. 

How far along? 38 weeks
Total weight gain: 39 pounds
Maternity clothes? wearing the same 5 things- the only things that fit- day after day :) but hey! we're almost there and what I'm wearing is actually the least of my concerns these days
Sleep: love it and hate it. I want to just sleep, sleep, sleep. finding a comfortable position at night is not the easiest though! my snoogle pillow definitely helps, but there isn't anything that makes it great. some nights I would like to just sleep on the couch! I've been having Brandon massage my calves before going to bed and it really does make such a difference in helping me to relax and fall asleep. such a good husband! :)
Best moment this week: Brandon and I had a date night. just us. it was so great to get some quality time in together just the two of us. we don't have it in us anymore to stay out too late though! come 9pm we were both ready to hit the sack! we also have the nursery 100% completed and it!
Miss anything? I've been trying to spend more quality time with Harper, but I wish it were a bit easier to move! getting up and down on her level is certainly not the easiest and I miss being able to run around and play with ease. there isn't anything quick (or pretty) about me trying to get to my feet from sitting on the floor.
Movement: it's the best! I always wish I could see through my belly to see exactly what it is that I'm feeling when he moves. foot? knee? arm? elbow?
Food cravings: notta. cereal has been my go-to because it's quick, easy, and is a way for me to at least eat something. I believe we have nearly ten boxes in our house right now. never, ever have we had this much cereal!
Labor signs? nope!
Looking forward to: Harper's 2nd birthday party is on Saturday! we are so excited to celebrate our sweet girl and make it her day. I'm so excited to see her excitement at her party :) baby boy just needs to make sure he stays put until a f t e r Saturday! then he's more than welcome to come any day after. even if he's two days early on Harper's actual birthday (the 13th). what a birthday gift that would be for her!

it's been a slow process, but I finally did all the shopping and made some freezer meals this week. I have a few more to finish up this week. I'll be feeling like I'm on top of the world once I have them all finished!

we had a great 4th last night and hope you did too!
it's one of the best holidays! relaxing and having fun with family + friends, little responsibility, bbqing, laying in the grass on blankets, and watching the sky light up. nothing like it :)


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Monday, June 27, 2016

36 + 37 weeks

we're here. we've reached the point where baby boy is welcome to come any day now! I'm certain he won't, but he's (semi) welcome to ;) I went 8 days past my due date with Harper & I still have a few things to finish up before he comes, but soon, very soon he's going to be joining us!
hitting the 37 week (full term) point (and still being low risk) gives me the 'good to go' to deliver at The Birthing Inn
we had an amazing experience bringing Harper into the world at TBI and as long as all continues as 'normal' we plan to grow our family and become a family of four the same way.

the last two weeks have been a whirlwind. 
day trip getaway + bridesmaid in Jill's wedding + pregnancy sickness/exhaustion
but I'm getting myself back to life now and we're all doing good! (and Brandon is still busier than ever with work!)
I've got a burst of energy back and have plans to tackle some freezer meals this next week for after baby is born. I did this with Harper, and hands down the BEST thing I did to prep for baby!

here I am. 37 weeks pregnant and officially doing the 'waddle' when I walk.
this baby is LOW! and I can feel him being all comfy there in my hips. lower than I ever felt that Harper was in pregnancy!

sunday afternoon as we're about to run off to the pool for the day, I realized I hadn't yet taken my bump pic for the week! so swim suit and all.. we hurried and got it taken care of!
adventure awaits.
it sure does!!
How far along? 37 weeks
Total weight gain: 37 pounds. my weight had dropped when I was sick for a couple days, and it has now gotten back up to where we were two weeks ago.
Maternity clothes? honest. I would prefer to run around in my sports bra and underwear all day. the weather is suppose to get nice again this next week (it's been yuck lately!) so maybe I'll live the days in my swim suit at the pool. I don't think Harper would oppose tagging along for that.
Stretch marks? oh yeah. just embracing it, because who really cares :) and what am I to do about it anyway.
Sleep: hit or miss. the last few nights- great. the few nights before that- not so great.
Current symptoms: here's to the longest list of pregnancy symptoms I've ever had... carpal tunnel syndrome. random throwing up + achy stomach. sore back and neck and feet and hands (time to get in for another prenatal massage!).
Miss anything? sleeping on my tummy!
Movement: yesss! he's settled on a side though and seems to be staying put. 
Food cravings: no cravings. lunch has been a struggle. for some reason it's the meal of the day that I just do not have any desire to eat. I'm finding myself to snack my way through from breakfast to dinner.
Labor signs? just irregular braxon hicks throughout the days. nothing consistent, though I sometimes do find them to be more uncomfortable than ever before.
Looking forward to: we're on the weekly schedule for check ups now so after having an appt this week, we'll be back again next week to check that all is still going well!

I had forgotten how itty bitty teeny weeny newborn diapers are!!
(especially when I'm currently seeing Harper's size 5's every day)
here's to the very, very tail end of carrying our sweet baby boy!
I am so thankful for the blessing of carrying to term and that God has entrusted Brandon and I with these sweet children we've been giving.
it's true- children are life's greatest blessing.

can't wait to meet and hold you baby boy!!


Monday, June 13, 2016

35 weeks

as if I haven't said it before.... time is flying! and what a thief it is. 
it saddens me to think I'm only a handful of weeks away from being done with this pregnancy. I know, call me crazy... but after I had Harper, I so missed being pregnant and felt like I didn't cherish it enough. the same day she was born and I felt that immense love for her, I was ready and excited for more babies! and here we are. already so close to meeting our second baby!!

I certainly find myself getting nervous for labor/delivery. this time I don't have the benefit of being naive on what's to come. but then again I have the benefit of knowing (kinda) what's to come. 
a natural childbirth is no joke (but so great!) and with time being so short until baby boy begins to make his arrival, I am trying oh so hard to prepare myself mentally. as well as I can, that is :)
How far along? 35 weeks
Total weight gain: 37 pounds. I've now officially passed my total weight gain from pregnancy with Harper! this time I'm having swelling that I know is contributing to this weight gain. I didn't experience any swelling with Harper. but I'm also on my feet and running around all day A LOT more than I was first pregnancy. this time I have an active almost two year old to be running after allll dayyyy longggg! :)
Maternity clothes? throw 'em at me please! I'm determined to now not buy any more clothes to wear while pregnant. because well... I can't find it worth it for only a few more weeks! so here I'll enter the phase of 'wearing the same 5 things over and over again' :) and if it were really up to me (and socially acceptable) :) I'd be wearing boy short underwear and a sports bra all day every day. in the house it isn't an uncommon site to see!
Stretch marks? well yeah. pretty certain more have formed (I think). when I no longer have this big belly, I'll be able to better see what has happened in this department!
Sleep: just more of it please!!
Best moment this week: we had a midwife appointment this week! love hearing that little heartbeat! and now we've moved to the every two week appointment schedule. it's getting close to go time!
Worst moment this week: my hormones are getting the best of me. as well as thinking of the changes to come for my little family and I. Brandon has been super busy with work. which is such a blessing and we are so thankful for the business that comes his way! but it certainly isn't always easy on me. when he's busy with work, it makes for longer days for me too. but when you add the pregnancy hormones on top of that... well I just start missing my husband! but tis the busy season of real estate and all is good!!
Current symptoms: carpal tunnel syndrom. this is related to the swelling. but it's no joke! tingling/numbness in my hand and arm, and soreness in my hand and wrist joints have become quite the disturbance. especially at night! I'm trying so hard to get my fluids and electrolytes in but I just can't seem to get a handle on it. 
Movement: yep! and he flips from side to side in my belly. each day he seems to be in a different spot. although he is head down (yay!!!) soon he's gonna need to settle on a side and hopefully it's the preferred left side :)
Food cravings: I'm more so having an issue of finding things that actually sound good. as of late it's been rare if I actually eat lunch. my go-to has been snacking on some cheese and crackers. I try to thrown a fruit in with it and call it good. oh and redvines!! I think I could eat nearly a bag a day!
Labor signs? just an increase in braxton hicks. but no significant discomfort there.
Wedding rings on or off? well I never take my ring off. really, I  n e v e r  do. and well with this swelling... I don't think it would be possible for me to get it off if I tried.
Looking forward to: we're making a day trip to Cannon Beach, OR and I am so excited for one quick little getaway before we welcome our fourth family member!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Baby Shower | Baby Boy Hjelseth

allll day I have been thinking today is Thursday.
well to my surprise at 3pm, I just realized that it is actually Friday!
which I guess is good news! ;) BUT I then also realized that I am officially 35 weeks pregnant- that only leaves 5(ish) weeks left until we meet baby boy! ahhh!!
in some ways we are sooo ready to meet him. and in some ways we are sooo not ready to meet him.
I feel like my to-do list is just too long!
but more on that when I get a 35 week update posted. until then I'll pretend that I am still just 34 weeks ;)
last weekend Angela threw me the greatest baby shower. 
I felt so loved by all of our family + friends. it warms my heart beyond words just how blessed our baby boy is. he is surrounded by the greatest love. my little family and I couldn't be more grateful for the love and support we have. growing a family isn't always easy, but it makes it all the better when we're doing it surrounded by loved ones!
an afternoon full of being spoiled! 
treats + drinks + friends + family + gifts + laughter + love
we are so excited to meet you little one! the gift to be your mama is one that I can never repay. the Lord has already blessed us beyond measure by giving you to us. as I feel you in my belly, I can only try to imagine how much my heart will grow once you're here.
you are so loved and that won't every change!


Saturday, June 4, 2016

34 weeks

I had to do a double check to make sure I was tracking right and not ahead of myself. I was pretty sure today was 33 weeks. but NOPE  a n o t h e r  week flown by! and here we are at thirty four weeks into this pregnancy!! with a baby the size of a cantaloupe!
I am getting so darn excited to become a boy mom and have our little here. looking forward to those sweet newborn snuggles and that sweet newborn smell :)
and I'll guarantee at the same time (once he's here) I'll be thinking how great life was being able to get an entire night's sleep. but I know he will be oh so worth every bit of sleep deprivation! I'll have to remind myself of that over and over in the moments of exhaustion though ;)
Harper was (and is) overall such a great sleeper. praying this little guy is the same way, but I'm certainly not getting my hopes up! but we will take it all as it comes and only control what we can.
but please Lord, give us another good sleeper!
How far along? 34 weeks
Total weight gain: 34 pounds- I believe this is the first week of the pregnancy that has gong by where I haven't gained any more than the previous week. crazy how these pounds are packing on! I'm only two pounds shy of reaching my total weight gain from pregnancy with Harper.
Sleep: definitely getting harder to get comfortable in the night. but thankfully I'm so tired by the end of the day that it hasn't been a challenge to fall asleep. just more tossing and moving to find that comfortable position.
Best moment this week: I had the greatest massage AND got my hair done. it was a good week! and thanks to my amazing hubby for helping to make it happen!
Current symptoms: ahh just third trimester stuff. sore feet. tired body. and starting to feel a little bit of nesting coming on! I've been wanting to take on tasks that I really shouldn't be worrying about right now. like organizing all of our pictures on the computer and completing house decorating in the areas that have been neglected since we moved in. but let's be real- those are not the things I should be putting this nesting energy towards! oh and though I don't always feel them and they aren't too uncomfortable (other than lower back cramping) I'm noticing more and more braxton hicks contractions. my uterus is definitely practicing for delivery day!
Looking forward to: baby shower today!! and a fun weekend ahead with a m a z i n g weather!! hello June!!


Monday, May 30, 2016

33 weeks

Summer time is approaching us and boy is life getting busy. I had Brandon quickly snap this picture (realizing that I hadn't yet taken a weekly picture) while we were stopping home quick from a luncheon and about to take off again for supper club. 

the nice weather is returning this week and I just want to! I really want to enjoy and savor these last weeks with just the three of us before we soon become FOUR! it's a busy time though. finishing up the nursery. planning Harper's 2nd birthday. planning for Angela's baby shower- which will be soon after our little is born. it's busy, busy with lots of prep on top of the part of actually preparing for baby to arrive! one thing I was most happy I did before Harper was born was make freezer meals ahead of time. honestly, best thing I did to prep for baby! so add that to my list of to-dos!
anddd back on the prepping for Harper's birthday... since her birthday is July 13th and my due days is July 15th, we've decided to celebrate and have her party the weekend before. the 9th! I'm actually praying that baby boy does not come early! some think I'm completely crazy for planning her party so close to baby being due and the fact that I'll be 39 weeks pregnant... but what else am I to do!? I can't not celebrate her second birthday!
How far along? 33 weeks + 3 days
Total weight gain: 34 pounds
Maternity clothes? for sure. my favorite thing to wear has been dresses and tanks + maxi skirts. these last weeks I am all about the comfort! I'm getting more and more limited on what clothes I can wear. and the fact that my hips have been spreading/widening so much earlier in pregnancy this time- even some of my sweat pants aren't comfortable!
Sleep: sleep is good. no problems falling asleep. but there's something about those two minute trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night (twice a night) where it feels like it takes an hours worth of sleep from me. even though I have no problem falling back to sleep. in other words... I would have no problem staying in bed all day! :)
Current symptoms: by afternoon/evening my body is just done for. completely exhausted. there was one day this week that was non stop with errands and running around. I could tell I was having some swelling. that evening weird symptoms were happening! if they didn't go away as quickly as they did, I would've been more concerned and definitely been calling my midwife. some blurry vision on one side. then later followed by some numb arm and lip. yikes! sounds scary when I type it. but it wasn't all at once, didn't last too long, and has not returned in any way. thankfully!
Movement: oh yes. I do feel like I feel more movement than I did when pregnant with Harper, but I don't feel like he's crazy active in there. 
Food cravings: sometimes it's difficult to determine what is a food craving vs. a food preference :) 
Labor signs? no. although I am definitely noticing more braxton hicks as of lately.
Looking forward to: baby shower is this weekend!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hawaii | Babymoon

it's taken a few days, but finally feeling like we're back to 'normal' life around here.
the last few days of adjusting to reality of being home and trying to get our internal clocks back on track has included lots of sleep, caffeine, grocery shopping, easy dinner meals (like grilled turkey + cheese sandwiches and mac + cheese and dinosaur chicken nuggets), sleep, caffeine, laundry, unpacking (which still is not 100% done!), and some more sleep and caffeine!
but it was all so so worth it to spend 8 days laying under that glorious Hawaiian sun! I'm especially missing it since we came back to a weekend of rain here in Washington... so ready for those summer-feeling days to return!
there's just something about vacationing with the hubby before a new baby arrives. we did it when I was pregnant with Harper too by taking a vacay to Cabo. relaxing while soaking up the sun does wonders to the mind and body. it's a refreshing feeling and makes it a bit easier in accepting the reality that life is about to get a w h o l e lot busier real soon!

the very first photo I took on our trip was of this chicken here while we were waiting for our rental car! if you've ever been to Kauai you'll know what I'm talking about... these guys are everywhere!! no joke. chickens running free around the entire island. roaming the place like they own it. but I guess they kinda do ;) 
cats too. not nearly as many cats as there are chickens, but the most friendly, stray cats all around. Brandon took a liking to them ;) 
with all these animals, we found ourselves over and over talking about how much Harper would just love them all!
and on that topic... we took this trip without Harper and it was my first time everrr being away from her over night! and for the first time away to be so far and for so long... it was so tough to leave! I contemplated many times of just packing her along with us on that airplane... but in the end as hard as it was to leave, being on a child-free vacation was just what Brandon and I needed!
our two biggest decisions to make each day were "are we going to the beach or the pool?" and "what are we going to have for dinner?"

each day we did a whole lotta nothing. and that's just how we liked it!
this was actually a double babymoon since we were on this trip with Tyler (Brandon's brother) and Angela. we were able to enjoy our babymoons together since their expecting baby boy in September!
we love vacationing together :) Brandon and Tyler can get a little bit of golf in and then Angela and I can do our girl thing at the pool/beach with the guys joining us after golf.

this sign was perfect! and completely accurate. if you're to look at the Kauai weather forecast, it says rain BUT we were on the south side of the island and that wasn't even close to being true with the sunshine and blue skies we had!
all I have to say here is... WHITE PINEAPPLE.
no other pineapple will ever compare! if you ever go, get yourself a local white pineapple!
you won't regret the $17 it costs you. promise. and yea... really... we spent $17 on this pineapple.

a quick stop to see a couple of gorgeous, powerful waterfalls on our way to the airport.
absolutely breathtaking.

we're on the homestretch to welcoming our sweet boy into this world, and this babymoon was perfect. we were able to leave feeling refreshed and are now ready to push through these next 8(ish) weeks!


Monday, May 23, 2016

31 + 32 weeks

Two weeks of catch up here! Since we left early Thursday morning for Hawaii, blogging was not on my to-do list :) which means a 31 week update wasn't gonna be happening. at least not on time. it's been all about relaxing and zero responsibility! 
So here we are at 32 weeks (!!!) all refreshed and this baby belly is at its largest.

How far along? 32 weeks
Total weight gain: ??? this I am totally unsure about right now! with the heat from Hawaii, different climate, long flights, and my diet being different from normal- I have so much swelling. because of it, it's impossible for me to truly know my weight gain until my body has had sometime to get back to normal and get rid of this excess fluid! we had the red eye flight back home Thursday night/Friday morning. because of it I didn't get up once during the six hour flight (sleeping was my main focus!). but I now really know why they say it's important to get up and walk during flights while pregnant. goodness are my feet and ankles ever s w o l l e n! 
Maternity clothes? yes. although the last 8 days have been mostly about living in my bathing suit, so not too many 'real' clothes have been worn. with the exception of comfy non-maternity dresses.
Stretch marks? still using Palmer's Cocoa Butter and this essential oil prenatal balm after showers. but I think I may have noticed a new stretch mark this week. hard to tell though if it's one that was already there from pregnancy the first time. whether it's new or not, it is what it is and there isn't much I can do about it :) of course I'd rather not have them, but they're worth it for my babies!
Sleep: sleeping pretty good. I've had more restless legs and leg cramps so that can make it tough being able to fall asleep. it's also getting MUCH harder to roll over in the night to change positions.
Best moment this week: well we're technically combining two packed weeks here, but how can I not say it was babymooning in Hawaii! so so nice to relax, sleep in, have zero responsibility, and soak up some much needed husband/wife time. along with my brother-in-law & sister-in-law who we vacationed with :) double babymoon since they're expecting their first little in September!
Worst moment this week: worst moment, but also so great at the same time. when we got back to town Friday morning and headed to Brandon's parents' to pick up Harper, the moment I saw her my emotions flooded and tears ran as it really hit me just how much I missed her over the last week. it was so hard to think I had spent so much time away from her and for the first couple of minutes I felt a little disconnected from her. soon after though, we were right back to normal and she was giving me the sweetest loves and talking to me all about her fun week at papa and nana's. thank you, Lord that I didn't have those emotions during our vacation- I would've been a wreck!
Miss anything? I certainly did miss being able to lay on my stomach while we were out at the beach and pool. I was in good company with Angela though and well if you're to see the backs of our legs, they're no more tan than when we left Washington last week ;)
Movement: all over the place!
Looking forward to: getting back to our normal this week. as fabulous as vacationing is (and it is so so good!), there's nothing like it to make you appreciate just how great real life is at home with my little family.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

30 weeks | pink blush giveaway

three quarters of the way (+/- a little) to meeting our baby boy!
if I've said time has flown by before, I know I will be saying it in a couple of months when we have our little one in our arms! just two months left! say what?! gets me a little (ok a lot) sentimental thinking of allll the changes to come for my little family!
he has been all over the place today. left. right. high. low. using up allll of his space and making me oh so aware of it :) 
with a 30 week bump + one that is not little, finding clothes to wear can be a challenge!
Angela and I went shopping this weekend to look for some good Hawaii clothes for our vacay (next week!) and boy was it frustrating! with a dressing room full of tops + dresses + skirts- I would call it a fail... our 'usual' go-to clothes do not fit well over these baby bumps! 
it's all about the fit and the style. I like to go the more fitted route. tops and dresses that don't hang loosely from the ta-tas to the hips where there's question to where one may begin and the other end. ya know what I'm sayin here?? a little bit of shape still please!
I love this dress from Pink Blush!
it's fitted enough up top. the waist line is in just the right place. it's cute. lightweight enough for hot days. and it is comfortable! because comfort is just as important as the fit!
it will most certainly be packed up in my suitcase for Hawaii!
details at the bottom of this post for how to enter to win a $75 gift card to Pink Blush!
they aren't only maternity wear! they have everything. the cutest women's (non-maternity clothes), jewelry, shoes, bags, tons of baby gear/accessories, and goodness so much more!
this giveaway is for everyone + could be used for some great gifts too!
(scroll to the bottom on how to enter)
banner // hooray everyday
dress c/o pink blush
How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain: 30 pounds (and my app says baby will triple his weight over these last few weeks!) hopefully I don't do the same ;)
Maternity clothes? most certainly. a combo of maternity and non maternity that happen to be stretchy and longer fits. whatever is most comfortable (and clean) ;) at the time.
Sleep: give me all that I can get. I'm still able to sleep well at night and napping when able. I was talking to Brandon this week and gave myself permission to stop feeling the guilt of napping. it's been a struggle! I feel that I ought to be more productive rather than sleeping... b u t reminded myself to take advantage of it now because I certainly won't be catching up on sleep when the baby is born! so, sleep? yes. it's a big part of my life lately.
Best moment this week: oh little one has been so active! it's my favorite thing feeling him all throughout the day. I love to try imagining how he's placed in there and picturing him moving his little long arms + legs. most certainly long! thanks 6'6" hubby ;)
Current symptoms: really just that third trimester uncomfortableness kicking in. nothing in particular to complain about though. for quite a few weeks now, I've been noticing some braxton hicks here and there throughout the days. it isn't anything that causes me great discomfort, but I notice some lower back ache when having them. that's exactly how they were with Harper too.
Looking forward to: HAWAII!! only one week away! so darn excited for this, but it will be my first time being away from Harper over night and I know that part of it is going to be very tough on me... at least I'll be in paradise :)
Love this dress as much as I do?? Pink Blush has been so kind as to offer up a $75 gift card! Head on over to my Instagram (@brittneyhjelseth) to enter the giveaway! 
giveaway ends Friday (5/6) at 10pm MST and the winner will be announced on Saturday.


Friday, April 29, 2016

29 weeks

goodness gracious here we are. 29 weeks!
only 11 (ish) weeks left!
it's a week now into the third trimester with this sweet baby boy. it's like the minute I woke and entered this last trimester of pregnancy last week, my body just knew it. achy feet + tiredness just hoped onto a new level. just like that.
any sort of bending over, or picking up Harper, or shaving my legs is not a pretty sight! this big belly is right there taking up all the roomy space it desires. but baby brother is using his space in my tum-tum really well and enjoying the roominess from older sis Harper stretching it out for him 2 years ago :)
banner // hooray everyday
How far along? 29 weeks
Total weight gain: 28 pounds
Maternity clothes? my favorite thing to wear lately is either my maternity jeans or shorts (depending on this WA weather...) and then a long tank or t-shirt. my maternity jeans are nearly just as comfortable as my sweat pants so it makes for a win win. I feel comfortable bending down 50+ times a day with the toddler, and yet I still look (relatively) presentable for when I have to go out in public :) I really feel the extra body heat from carrying this little one, so no matter what the weather is out, I tend to be more comfortable with a thin, short sleeve top that breathes well.
Sleep: napping. napping. napping. still nearly every day. when I do get that afternoon nap in, I notice such a difference in the evening. I actually have some energy left in me from the day to get through dinner, clean up, bath + bedtime. and then it's straight to the couch to relax with the hubby.
Best moment this week: feeling little one's hiccups! I started feeling them last week, but have been noticing it more often now. with all the movements being bigger than ever, it's such a great feeling to feel baby brother. and if I could really have it my way, I would just sit around all day watching Ellen, eating my strawberry + almond butter toast, while feeling my sweet boy. but like that will ever happen. but a girl can dream ;)
Current symptoms: not really too much I can complain about- just the onset of more uncomfortableness. but hey, that's to be expected. I have been having some calf cramps. and goodness gracious those are no joke! I pop some Ca+Mg tablets a couple times a day (as told to by my midwife) ;) since the babe is starting to pull it from my body. it does make a difference in helping with those dreaded charley horses for sure!
Food cravings: just give me my strawberry + almond butter toast! two times. every. day. 
Looking forward to: the nursery is making progress! we have the crib, dresser, bedding, and a few decorations to go up on the wall. we also just moved the rocking chair out of Harper's bedroom and into the baby's. honestly, it broke my heart a bit! feeling like we're having to make Harper grow up even quicker due to prepping for little brother's arrival. I have such torn emotions of wanting to cherish every day I have with just Harper and the overjoy of excitement for baby brother to get here. but oh I know Harper is just going to look like she's ten years old when we have a newborn in the house!
I got curious on doing the ol' comparison of baby bump pictures... I easily ran across a picture from pregnancy with Harper at 26 weeks. so here's a comparison of just a few weeks ago to then.
whoa belly!!
both are 26 weeks, but look q u i t e different!

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