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Friday, January 8, 2016


I know it's only 'just' January, but there are days I find myself already longing for summer!
the sunshine. the swimming. the summer walks. the food. the flowers. the long days. the bbqs with friends. 
and for Harper... the popsicles!
We've made homemade fruit popsicles and she just looooves them! (and as a dietitian mama these healthy ones give me no guilt in giving to her). She was having them as a snack all the way into November. I'm thinking it's time I make some now just to feel the spirit of summer (this picture here is a couple months old). and I'm certain she won't object. I mean just look at that face :)
So here it is. They are just too easy not to try.

1 cup frozen fruit (we use mixed berries)
1/2 cup milk

Combine both in a blender until smooth. add more or less milk if you desire a different consistency.
Pour into popsicle molds, insert the stick/handle and freeze.  We like these Nuby Pop Trays. They don't make too big of a popsicle for our little pint-sized-Harper, and have a lip that helps catch the drip! Amen from all the mamas :)

that's it! two very, very healthy ingredients for growing littles in a yummy, mama approved snack!
Enjoy! Cheers to pretending summer is just around the corner ;)