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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

family getaway | suncadia 2016

while putting together the post + pictures for tanner turning 6 months, I ran across so many fun and sweet memories from our pre christmas family getaway to suncadia. although it was now over a month ago, I can't not bring all these treasured photos together and make a post out of it. and how much sweeter these will even be when I look back at them next year! I find that I so cherish pictures in the moment, but even so much more so when looking back after some time has passed.
so here ya have it! our family getaway to suncadia right before christmas 2016.
for memory's sake :)


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Monday, November 7, 2016

weekend | flying solo

it was a weekend that I thought was going to draggg by. but it didn't. it actually flew by! 
Brandon went on a guys trip with his dad and brother to Louisiana for the LSU vs. Alabama game. #bucketlist for them all.
meanwhile.... angela and I were back home in WA caring for our babes. we decided to spend the nights together, which was the greatest decision.
we didn't do or plan much beyond our mama duties, but it was better doing it together than alone.
it was all about having dinner delivered, feeding + bathing babes, bedtime routine, and an hour or two of relaxed hanging out before rolling ourselves into bed.
we survived, got a weekend full of sister (in-law) time, and even made it through a costco run on the rainiest day we've had yet.
memories were made and though we're quite exhausted, it was a good time!

and later this week we will all be road tripping home to Idaho together. be praying for us!


Monday, October 31, 2016

sunshine + fall + our hjelseth life

it's been busy over here and yet not busy at the same time.
I think life with two kids is just 'busy' now. and always will be :) with a two year old and a three month old, our days have been full of potty trips, nursing, diaper changing, snack/meal making, napping, house tiddying, and such. and then we threw in loading up/unloading + packing/unpacking all four of us for a sunny week getaway. a whole lot of busy with some relaxing too! I tell ya, flying is so much work. Brandon an I both said our next trip away we are HIGHLY considering driving. 
we had such a great time in palm desert! Harper LOVED swimming all day long. Tanner often napped by the pool. and it gave Brandon and I the best view watching our precious children. they are such a blessing and as cliche as it sounds, I don't know what we did before them. there were also times where we were stuck inside the condo because napping babies make for happier babies. 
spending the week together as a family and with our favorite people tyler, angela, and lleyton was so refreshing (and no question at times so hard because of babes being off their norm). but we're back to the real Fall weather and I'm actually enjoying it! the everyday 90 degree weather was fabulous, and now we're back to the 50s and rolling right into these holiday months! and speaking of holiday months...

I see all these posts/pictures of moms who nailed it with their kids' halloween costumes... 
I am not one of them. thanks to amazon prime, Harper's costume (should- fingers crossed!) be here today and I JUST picked up a semi costume for Tanner to wear yesterday. 
but hey. that's life. and we will still have just as much fun celebrating this day. and thank goodness my kids aren't old enough to know the difference yet! ha!

we're so excited to go trick-or-treating tonight. even though it's Harper's third (what??!!) halloween, it feels like her first. she gets it now and the hype and excitement is there. she's been talking about wearing her costume and trick-or-treating for days now. and once she realizes what that's all really about she's going to have so much fun! holidays with kids really are better :)

Happy Halloween, all!!
what is it you're most excited for today?!


Monday, August 22, 2016


I truly never know the difference between our week vs. weekend. a day is a day around our home. with me being home with the kids and Brandon being in real estate (which never sleeps!), it doesn't make much difference if it's a Tuesday or a Saturday. 
so with a little recap of our 'weekend' let's start it on Thursday! :)
THURSDAY - a fun relaxing evening at my in-laws filled with sitting out on their back patio, eating pizza, and swimming. I don't have a single picture, but you can picture Angela, Tanner, and I lounging on the patio furniture while Harper and her nana are running around playing. so many giggles come out of my sweet little two year old. and it is the absolute BEST sound my hears have ever heard.

FRIDAY - uhh... pizza for dinner. again. but apparently it's the weekend and that's what people do on weekends. eat pizza! 
earlier in the day the kiddos and I had to run to costco to get some things for Angela's baby shower that we would be hosting on Saturday. and it was by all means... a costco adventure. but when is costco ever not an adventure, right? the place is always packed. keeping your eyes out for a parking spot while trying your best not to hit or even be hit by a shopper and their massive cart. then it's trying not to hit or be hit by anyone while making your way through the store isle by isle. the shopping went great and was actually fun! Harper loved riding in the basket and gathering our groceries. trying to sit and balance on the watermelon was so funny and (not so funny) she sat right on the fresh croissants. sorry to all at the shower who's croissant for the chicken salad was a bit flat! we got all of our things and both babes made it out the door without a single cry. hallelujah and all the praise hands!! I loaded everyone and everything into the car and then that's when the true adventure began. if you follow me on Instagram, this is where the explanation comes in about me kicking the watermelon across the parking lot ;)
while getting the last of the groceries loaded, Tanner was suddenly hungry and wanted to nurse. and wanted to nurse NOW. I thought maybe if I got driving he'd fall back asleep until we got home. nope. I had gotten to the other side of the costco parking lot without any slowing down of his cry. I pulled over, let Harper out of her car seat to roam the car, grabbed Tanner out of his, and began nursing him. Harper found her way next to me in the front passenger seat. she LOVES to play around in the car. before I knew it she pressed the button to open the back gate of the car. after hearing a big thud, I realized our watermelon had rolled out. of course that's the item that happens to be leaning up against the door! I hopped out with baby in my arms and to my complete surprise the thing didn't crack open! buttt instead it rolled across to the other side of the parking lot.
"do I just leave it???"
but I need it for the shower Saturday and if it gets ran over, I am NOT running back in the store with two kids to buy another. soooo my best option since my arms were full with Tanner was to play a little soccer (and I'm certainly no athlete!) and kick it back towards our car where it could sit safely until I was done nursing Tanner and had two free hands.
so that's exactly what I did.
I was thinking to myself (while stressed as to what mischief Harper might be getting into now), "is there not anyone around to see this happening?! I could really use some help right about now!"
I left that darn watermelon sitting by the car tire with the car gate open.
I figured the hard part was over now so I got back in the car to finish nursing Tanner.
a voice from behind me said "ma'am, can I help you with that watermelon?"
someone had seen me!! slightly embarrassed, but then also relieved, I hopped out of the car. it was a guy working at the tire center who had seen me kicking that massive watermelon and came on over to offer me a hand.
I was a hot, sweaty mess, but all was taken care of now.
we hit up chick-fil-a on our way home :) the perfect fix.
Friday ended with a girl's night at my house with the best friends I could ask for. and you know they're the best of friends when they're there to give you all the support you're in need of with the baby's first major, MAJOR blow out! what are friends for ;)
I'll spare you the picture!
SATURDAY - Angela's baby shower!!!
we had such a great time celebrating this beautiful mama-to-be and her sweet little boy. it is such a blessing to have our baby boys just two months apart. she's going to be one amazing mama and has a heart made of pure gold.
SUNDAY - a day full of rest and being home with my babies. just what I needed. oh and dinner at Cafe Rio for a cherry on top :)

here's to a great week ahead filled with sunshine and laughter!