Thursday, February 23, 2017

OUR TABLE || blueberry muffins

I posted these on my insta stories last week and had so many ask about the recipe! 
so here ya have it! they really are as good as they look! 
I found this recipe on pinterest a couple of years back and have still hung on to it to keep making time and time again. so when my neighbor dropped off a pallet of fresh blueberries, what else was I to do!? we somehow still have some so I may be making another batch here in the next few days :) I probably ought to give some away though so we don't eat all of them! cause too many muffins consumed  could most certainly contribute to too much muffin top that I'd rather be without ;)
So here ya have it! the best blueberry muffins you'll ever make!

Recipe {HERE

my tips:
-- go with the streusel topping!! amazing.
-- from what the recipe says, it takes extra flour + sugar to get the topping crumbly
 --  I find that I have to cook them a minute or two longer than the recipe says

I have made them with blueberries and with raspberries. both turned it great, but I'd have to say that blueberry turned out the best. 
so stick with blueberry! ;)



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