Thursday, April 6, 2017

harper's first trip to the dentist

Harper had her first trip to the dentist this morning and like anything with a two and a half year old, ya never know just how it'll go. the day before her appointment we really talked it up to her and got her all excited to go to the dentist. and I'm so thankful there's a bubble guppies episode on this!! when we walked in the office in the morning she was holding her hands together underneath her chin, with a huge smile, saying in the sweetest voice "I'm so excited". how cute it was!
it was such a big thing being in a whole new unfamiliar environment, with new people, and what could be intimidating equipment.
the office staff and dr. petrie were amazing!
brandon had his cleaning appointment before harper's so we brought her in a little early to see dad in the chair and she loved this. I was so happy that none of this scared her! like so so so happy! cause it all could've gone real bad and we could've walked out of the office before we got anywhere near this step.
once it was harper's turn she wanted me to get my teeth checked first (which I didn't have an appointment) :) so she sat on my lap in the chair. a bit of shyness and uncertainty was coming out. but with taking it slow and keeping it fun, the hygienist and dr. petrie were able to do a basic look, check, brush, and fluoride.
wish I had a picture of this, but brandon was full hands containing tanner at the same time :)
despite her little bits of hesitation (which I kinda expected), it was a great experience for us all.
on our drive home she kept saying how "the dentist was so fun!".
that's exactly what we were hoping to accomplish during the visit and I'm so proud of my baby girl!!


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