Monday, May 22, 2017

a fun summery sunday

a photo every hour post.. turned just a fun summery sunday post.
I started out good but as the afternoon came rolling around, a photo every hour just didn't happen cause we were having too much fun. but lots of fun pictures of my loves that I can't help but document :)

early morning waking in the 6's, but when baby slept allll night without a single wake-- I actually felt energized!
these new insta filters-- so fun!!
a little time with my girl drinking our chai while brother naps :)
...and then that's when I lost it.
we headed to the country club for a family lunch to celebrate Brandon's brother Tyler's birthday.
then harper went over to nana + papa's for a few hours while brandon and I spent some time with this little (BIG) guy.
a busy day made for not getting his good, solid afternoon nap.. little one caught a quick cat nap on our way to dinner at our friends garrett + lexi's. 
a sunny sunday in the books and I can't wait for what the rest of this summer has in store for us!


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