Monday, May 15, 2017

Tanner Ross || 10 months

as we're rearing closer and closer to becoming a one year old, I'm trying harder and harder to hold on to these baby days. this boy is growing at lightening speed and there's no sign of him slowing down.
my precious tanner boy.
with the biggest, toothy grin (a whole seven teeth in there!!).
Brandon and I are always saying how his smile is just the biggest, happiest smile we've seen. it's so hard for me to capture it in a picture! he'd much rather smile at us than our phones ;)
it's been a big month these past 30 or so days.
baby boy's first Easter and then about 10 of those days were spent prepping for and being in hawaii.
so this  month went by FAST!!! and was so FUN!!!
age: 10 months

25lbs 2oz

birth: 8lbs 2oz  --  21 inches
2 days: 7lbs 11oz
12 days: 9lbs 1oz
1 month: 12lbs 4oz  --  23 1/2 inches
2 months: 15lbs  --  24 inches
3 months: 17.4 lbs  --  (from the scale at home)
4 months: 18lbs 13oz  --  27 inches
5 months:  20.4 lbs  --  (from the scale at home)
6 months: 21lbs 2oz  --  28 inches
7 months: 22.8 lbs  --  (from the scale at home)
8 months: 23 lbs  --  (from the scale at home)
9 months: 23 lbs 15 oz  --  30.2 inches
clothes: 12-18 month
diapers: size 4

Tanner name sign // Quincyjeanart
banner // hooray everyday

the boy gets it. gets it all.
he's COMPLETELY aware of his surroundings and will not handle being left out.
he's progressed with foods quicker than harper did and that's mostly because he is 100% aware if he is given something different than the rest of us. he's quick to vocalize his opinion and let it known that he better be getting some of what's on my plate too.
meal times had gotten quite stressful with shouting and yelling. as soon as I let him feed himself more and he mastered his new skill better... it has made allll the difference!!
sleep had gotten good! just one night wake.
then more life happened and rocked that boat. a cold and then traveling and being away from home for eight days threw it all off. we're working our way back to good again-- and hoping that sooner than later we'll get there!!
new things!
--learned to drink from a straw
--we've ditched the zippy for both naps and night sleep
--tooth #7! (5/5)
oh sweet boy how I never want to forget this fun stage you are in.
you're into everything and exploring is what you do best.
harper is your best companion. where ever she is and whatever she is doing. you want to be right there with her.
you love your daddy so big and light up with those sweet baby blues and your huge grin the second he walks in.
but boy oh boy you're such a mama's boy too! and I love every once of it.

P H O T O   D U M P:

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