Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tanner Ross || 2 months

oh Tanner boy!! 
here we are- two months in already and it's like you've always been here. it's so natural to have you apart of our family and it's as if this is how things have always been. a few hiccups here and there as we've adjusted over the last weeks, but overall you fit right in and fill a space in our family that we didn't even know was there.
you are so sweet, so content, so go-with-the-flow, so cuddly, and so calm.
(all that being that we've kept you well fed and well rested) :)
we've had a few days this month where some fussiness has come on. you just seemed to be so alert and the stimulation around you wouldn't let you relax and sleep :) but we've overcome those hard couple of days and are well back to our normal! you've discovered the paci and are so soothed by it.
and let's talk about chunkiness!! you take the prize for this one. 
the rolls are multiplying, those cheeks are getting too sweet to resist, and your belly. oh your belly!! hashtag hearteyes. allll of the hearteyes!!
boy has he ever grown since last month!!
age: 2 months

                 birth: 8lbs 2 oz  --  21 inches
2 days: 7lbs 11oz
12 days: 9lbs 1oz
                             1month: 12lbs 4oz  --  23 1/2 inches
              ** 2 months: 15lbs  --  24 inches

clothes: 3/3-6 month
diapers: size 1
(but really you should be in a size 2 by now, we're just trying to use of the rest of the 1s)

Tanner name sign // Quincyjeanart
banner // hooray everyday
onsie // golden hill design
your first laugh. oh my heart! I haven't a clue what you laughed about, but oh it was the sweetest sound.
first seahawks game. first time alone with daddy and away from mama. first nap in your crib. first time to the fair. first blowout. first trip to costco. first bottle from daddy.
clearly by your weight, you eat, and you eat well :) growth spurts seem to be a constant thing around here and so nursing has been a constant things as well. I think just this last week we're coming off of a growth spurt though. nursing has been a little more regular of about every 3ish hours. but not always, sometimes it is more frequent than that. except for at night. even through the growth spurts, you've been able to keep your night time sleep the same. 
we tried a bottle for the first time just last week and you did so well. it made me so happy and yet so sad! you're getting so big to be taking a bottle and I get weepy that I'm missing out on a nursing session with you while you take it. 
so smiley these days! and the oohhs and aahhs. we all LOVE how you 'talk' to us. especially Harper. "Tanner's talking" she'll often say :) and tummy time- you don't oppose it. you're getting so strong and seem to actually be quite content and comfortable on your tummy. you are so so alert and keep your eyes on me whenever I walk by in the room. we won't tell daddy, but I'm pretty certain you're a mama's boy ;)
you're a champ here! we've slowly and gradually gone from 3-4 hour stretches this month to now 5-6 hours stretches at night. you just wake to nurse, and then it's right back to sleep without a peep. every night I say to Brandon "I can't believe Tanner is this good". it's down for bed by 8pm (in the pack 'n play in our bedroom), a dream feed around 10:30/11pm, wake to nurse around 5am, back to sleep until 6:30ish, where then you just want out of your swaddle and into our bed :), and back to sleep until about 7:30am.  
for naps, you will let me cuddle you, but quite often you'd prefer to be swaddled with white noise and your paci and be put down so you can go to sleep on your own. this is the same with night time sleep. you tend to take your biggest nap during the late afternoon. which I can't complain about because sometimes it will overlap with sister's nap!! #praisehands!!
**other things I don't want to forget:**
  • the sound of your first laugh
  • you've started taking more of a liking to the swing than before
  • burping isn't quite as essential anymore. you used to get upset with little bubbles that needed to be burped out
  • you're still gassy though! toots all day long :) such a boy!
  • with the rate you're growing we could be out of three month clothes anytime now! but not surprising the way you like to eat :)
  • you completely light up and smile when you spot Harper in the room! talk about melting my mama heart!

happy two months, my baby!!!


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  1. He is such a cutie!! He has such a great smile...I'm sure his laugh is adorable as well! Here's to a great month three! :)

    1. thank you! he does have the sweetest giggle :) so many more changes to come this next month too!