Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tanner Ross || 1 month

whoa. to date this has been thee fastest month
if this is the pace in which Tanner is going to grow up, he'll be 17 in no time... and that would then make me... 44... yikes! 
let's just slow on down please :) in the meantime we are cherishing every moment of every phase.
bringing a newborn home is just as heartwarming as it was the first time with Harper. we have overflowing love this little guy. I've said it before, but he fits just so perfectly into our family. we couldn't have asked for a smoother transition from a family of three to now four. and I am ever so thankful for that!
we most certainly have had our challenging moments where I'm home alone and outnumbered by two kiddos who both need their mama (and the toddler finds her way into everything she's not suppose to while I'm pinned to the couch nursing). but we get through it. and overall we have all adjusted better than I could've expected.

there are some differences I've noticed with baby number two. with Harper, as she grew month by month I often found myself so sad about it. and it's true, they grow way too fast and the baby stage FLIES by. 
however, this time around I'm less sad about my baby growing. of course I would love my baby to stay a little newborn f o r e v e r. BUT I also know just how great each a every phase is. I know how much fun we'll have in the future with our little man, and how in the world can I let myself get sad about that?!!
so I'm living more in the moment. and enjoying all of our moments.
because I know it's going to continue to fly by and feeling sad isn't worth my time.

we just had Tanner's one month check up this morning, and boy has he grown!
age: 1 month
statsbirth: 8lbs 2 oz  --  21 inches
2 days: 7lbs 11oz
12 days: 9lbs 1oz
**1 month: 12lbs 4oz  --  23 1/2 inches
clothes: 0-3/3 month
diapers: size 1

Tanner name sign // Quincyjeanart
banner // hooray everyday
shorts // lulu + roo
F I R S T S 
everything this month is a first for our little man, being that it's his first month of life :)
first pool day. first bath. first time matching outfits with big sister. first trip to Target. 
first time at a Seattle Mariners game. first walk around the neighborhood. first trip to the zoo. 
first snuggles- with many, many more to come!
nursing. nursing. nursing.
this little guy has taken so well to nursing and has really become quite efficient for a one month old. I really don't watch the clock during the day, but just feed him on demand. it's been a bit irregular as he's gone through a couple grown spurts. and his stats show for it!

 P L A Y
we've started doing some tummy time for very short periods of time. his little neck is getting so strong. sometimes he thinks he's stronger than he is and will whip that head back a little too quickly and if you're not watching it he'll about whip himself out of your arms. I am so excited for this next month as he continues to become more alert and playful. I just love (and Harper does too) getting a smiley reaction out of him by kissing his sweet face.

he falls asleep around 8:30/9, then hangs out with Brandon and I downstairs until we head up to bed around 10:30. then it's a quick diaper change, into the swaddle, and a dream feed to get us a little longer stretch before he wakes again from a hungry belly. he wakes to nurse every 2-4 hours. nurses, and then it's right back to sleep. we started using the noise machine and swaddle during the night a couple weeks ago and it really seems to help him to fall asleep and stay asleep.

**things I don't want to forget:**
  • the way you quiver your little chin. even when you're not sad
  • how you love having your hands up by your face. always. since the moment you were born. and especially while nursing. and sleeping too.
  • those little piggy noises you make are priceless. and the way they intensify when you're hungry
  • such a snuggly little boy and you do not like to be left alone in the room. you want to be with the rest of us where ever we are
  • how your tiny forehead wrinkles up when you're upset
  • you're a gassy little thing! burps and toots for days :)
  • you have the absolute sweetest grin and show it off most if I kiss your lips or stroke above your eye

happy one month, my baby!!!


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