Thursday, August 25, 2016

one month favorites

we've gotten through our first month with a newborn, and I have to say we have transitioned quite well! beyond thankful for that! though a lot of it is due to having a sweet, mellow baby, there have been some items that have helped ease us into our new normal. now don't get me wrong, we've definitely had our times where morning comes all too quickly and bedtime can't come quick enough.
nuroo swaddler // we started swaddling Tanner at 2 weeks when he had his first overtired/fussy night. this made all the difference in helping him settle down and relax. I love swaddles with velcro because it makes swaddling SO easy. this particular brand has been the one we use every night. the fabric is super soft and light enough so he doesn't get too hot during these summer nights.

noise machine // (we also have the portable version which I keep in the diaper bag). another game changer at two weeks when it came time to help Tanner settle down. white noise, played about as loud as a running shower, is so soothing for babies. Harper liked it as a baby just as much as Tanner does. if you haven't I would recommend reading The Happiest Baby on the Block. it's a great book in helping to understand your baby and figuring out how to help them feel comfortable (less crying!!).

white onsies // simple. easy. my go-to. and I just love a baby boy in a plain white onsie!

aden and anais swaddle blankets // I couldn't resist these ones pictured :) I use these blankets every single day. I think I have a swaddle blanket obsession. just ask my husband- he would agree! there really isn't much more to say, other than they're so great!!

boppy newborn lounger // my friend Kaylani had one of these for her baby who's the same age of Harper and it always looked so great. so with Tanner I just HAD to get one and we've loved it! Tanner loves 'lounging' in it and it's been so convenient in taking him every where we go around the house. often during Harper's bath he's right there with us on his pillow :)

boppy nursing pillow // so helpful in the beginning nursing months when baby is still so little!

IKEA spoka night light // when my friend Holly had her baby a few months ago I saw this night light she had gotten and was very intrigued. since it's a dim light, we use it in the middle of the night for diaper changes. it's great because it gives enough light to see, without being too bright to where it would wake Tanner too much. and what's even better is that it's so portable. the battery lasts so long and is rechargeable. since using it over the past few weeks, we haven't needed to recharge it once.

freezer meals // (hoping to post more on this soon!) last, but most certainly not least! I made a number of freezer meals towards the end of my pregnancy to have on hand for after baby was born. I did this while pregnant with Harper as well. hands down the best thing I ever did to prepare for baby!! between freezer meals and meals that friends/family have brought to us, I haven't had to 'really' make dinner once since Tanner was born! nothing compares to a hot, home-cooked meal. this way we get to enjoy that with such minimal work. 


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