Tuesday, August 2, 2016

postpartum favorites

well... I was VERY certain that the post following my last about pregnancy would be a 40 week update... and how VERY wrong I was! 
baby boy decided to make his arrival before allowing us to get to that point with coming two days before due date. which I know isn't really that early, but when your previous baby came e i g h t days late, it's hard to fathom baby's arrival happening before the due date. 
I would've bet money on the fact that I was going to be late. 
and that is exactly why I'm not the betting type ;) 
but let me tell ya, I'm not complaining one bit because it has meant that we've been blessed with more days spent with our little love bug. 

so now, I thought I'd share what my favorite postpartum things have been.
it's certainly not always the most glamorous part of having a baby.
BUT no doubt it is allll worth it. every single part of it. for these babies that we mamas love with every ounce of our hearts.

not the prettiest of things here, but these items have helped with making the last two weeks more comfortable. and comfort after pushing an 8lb 2oz baby is exactly what I've been looking for :)
comfy sweat pants // with a wide waist band! I love these Make + Model ones. they are so soft and comfy and also light enough in these summer months. the waist band isn't too tight either, so I don't have to feel uncomfortable with anything cutting in on my sides and postpartum tummy.

comfy t-shirt // again with the 'comf'. a simple, comfy, loose fitting tee. that's really what I've been living in. and bonus- these that I love are on sale right now for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale!

granola bars // they have truly been a life saving go-to for me. easy to eat with one hand. especially important in the middle of the night when I'm up nursing and my stomach starts rumbling. because honestly, I am so much more hungry breastfeeding postpartum than I ever was when pregnant. and I KNOW I have to be sure to eat enough nutritious food to keep my milk supply up. a good friend made me some lactation cookies and they were a delicious, easy snack in the middle of the night. I just need to make some more to have on hand!

tumbler // this one is my absolute favorite. I had it in my third trimester favorites, and I won't ever be done with it. it is sooo convenient to drink from without having to unscrew a lid. and with that, I then find that I'm better about getting my daily water in. AND when nursing- I always keep this by my side because thirst hits so quickly. it makes it possible to quench my thirst and I can easily grab it with my one available hand.

nursing pads // on the topic of nursing... these are MUST HAVES!

ibuprofen // (recommended by my midwife) I took 800mg every 6 hours in the first days after delivery. it really helped my comfort level from all the swelling you know where ;)

depends // I know, I know... but while we're talking about what's going on 'down there' I swear by depends after having a baby! just trust me. and they're quite comfortable if I must say.

maxi pads // it's essential to go for a maxi pad rather than just a little panty liner. this is to follow the use of the depends. you'll know when you reach the point of switching ;) but they're 100% a necessity. I also threw these ones in on one of our honest bundles and have really been happy with them. also, the fact that they're organic cotton can be great in ensuring healing if any 'damage' happened 'down there'. again, you know what I mean ;) it also can be a good idea to get a variety of absorbencies for the different phases of postpartum bleeding.

well that's that!
some of the not-so-glamorous things from having a baby. but doing what it takes to make yourself as comfortable as can be (and resting, resting, resting!) makes such a difference in recovery. 
I've found I have to remind myself to be patient with my body and give myself grace (because I JUST had a baby!). it certainly takes time to get back to 'normal'. if ever ;)

stay tuned for our birth story to come! :)


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