Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hawaii | Babymoon

it's taken a few days, but finally feeling like we're back to 'normal' life around here.
the last few days of adjusting to reality of being home and trying to get our internal clocks back on track has included lots of sleep, caffeine, grocery shopping, easy dinner meals (like grilled turkey + cheese sandwiches and mac + cheese and dinosaur chicken nuggets), sleep, caffeine, laundry, unpacking (which still is not 100% done!), and some more sleep and caffeine!
but it was all so so worth it to spend 8 days laying under that glorious Hawaiian sun! I'm especially missing it since we came back to a weekend of rain here in Washington... so ready for those summer-feeling days to return!
there's just something about vacationing with the hubby before a new baby arrives. we did it when I was pregnant with Harper too by taking a vacay to Cabo. relaxing while soaking up the sun does wonders to the mind and body. it's a refreshing feeling and makes it a bit easier in accepting the reality that life is about to get a w h o l e lot busier real soon!

the very first photo I took on our trip was of this chicken here while we were waiting for our rental car! if you've ever been to Kauai you'll know what I'm talking about... these guys are everywhere!! no joke. chickens running free around the entire island. roaming the place like they own it. but I guess they kinda do ;) 
cats too. not nearly as many cats as there are chickens, but the most friendly, stray cats all around. Brandon took a liking to them ;) 
with all these animals, we found ourselves over and over talking about how much Harper would just love them all!
and on that topic... we took this trip without Harper and it was my first time everrr being away from her over night! and for the first time away to be so far and for so long... it was so tough to leave! I contemplated many times of just packing her along with us on that airplane... but in the end as hard as it was to leave, being on a child-free vacation was just what Brandon and I needed!
our two biggest decisions to make each day were "are we going to the beach or the pool?" and "what are we going to have for dinner?"

each day we did a whole lotta nothing. and that's just how we liked it!
this was actually a double babymoon since we were on this trip with Tyler (Brandon's brother) and Angela. we were able to enjoy our babymoons together since their expecting baby boy in September!
we love vacationing together :) Brandon and Tyler can get a little bit of golf in and then Angela and I can do our girl thing at the pool/beach with the guys joining us after golf.

this sign was perfect! and completely accurate. if you're to look at the Kauai weather forecast, it says rain every.day. BUT we were on the south side of the island and that wasn't even close to being true with the sunshine and blue skies we had!
all I have to say here is... WHITE PINEAPPLE.
no other pineapple will ever compare! if you ever go, get yourself a local white pineapple!
you won't regret the $17 it costs you. promise. and yea... really... we spent $17 on this pineapple.

a quick stop to see a couple of gorgeous, powerful waterfalls on our way to the airport.
absolutely breathtaking.

we're on the homestretch to welcoming our sweet boy into this world, and this babymoon was perfect. we were able to leave feeling refreshed and are now ready to push through these next 8(ish) weeks!


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